Tuesday, August 9, 2005

Door County Pics: A View of The Front Yard in Wisconsin

Picture from Hometown

I could get used to this kind of view from my front window. No grass to mow. No weeds.  Okay, bird poop, but the waves wash it off.  All you ocean folks -- see what I mean when I say you can't see across the lake?  We get WAVES too. But NO sharks, jelly fish, crabs, and icky things, thank you very much.

Picture from Hometown


jckfrstross said...

Huge picture pretty


swibirun said...

Yep, you get waves but I also prefer water that doesn't require a wet suit in the summer:)

Great pictures!  Making us all jealous, Mrs. L!


artloner said...

Yeah, but those Rats With Wings aka Seagulls are all over the place!  I could get over that, though.