Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Katrina Will Touch Us All

This has been a harrowing time for many people who keep journals. And those of us who consider them our friends.  

Sam, our j-land friend from Georgia LINK HERE has relatives from both sides of his family in Louisiana. It was touch and go, but it looks like everyone is safe. If you have time to send him good wishes, you may want to email him at gaboatman or stop by his journal.

Here's some of the note he sent to me right after Katrina hit:

I didn't comment today. My heart just wasn't into it.
Both sides of my family are from Louisiana although I have never lived in that state.

Mom's side of the family is the Southern Louisiana half of the family with most of our relatives living in and around Franklinton, La.  Franklinton is about 75 or 80 miles north of New Orleans.  My father's kin all live in the northeastern part of the state in Winfield, Louisiana.

My sister moved to Slidell several years ago.  They have/had a home just northwest of Slidell on the Pearl River.  A nice house with a boat dock, swimming pool and big yard.

They keep a boat on Lake Ponchartrain.  All of my sister's husband's family live in New Orleans.  She and her husband both work in New Orleans.

There is one saving grace to all of this.  My sister is in the Army Reserve and is assigned to active duty at Ft. Polk, Louisiana which is five hours north of New Orleans. Her husband went to stay in Franklinton at my first cousin's house so he was not in the area when the storm hit.  He and everyone in Franklinton are okay and alive.

We are waiting to hear if ANY of my sister's house is left or if the boat is still there.

There are so many going through this tragedy right now that are so far worse off than my family, I know that my closest family members are safe this morning and have shelter, what I don't know is if my sister has anything left of her house. 

The last report I received last night on the condition of Slidell is that the entire town is under water and that the water in some neighborhoods is up over the roofs.  But they are alive!  I am so thankful!

We wish you and your family well, Sam. Keep us posted.  


mom2garrison04 said...

I pray for a safe outcome for Sam's family.  I live just 20-30 minutes from Winnfield, and can assure him that his family there should be fine.  We received some high winds, high meaning 30-35 mph.  Nothing major.  Very little rain even.  

mystee3 said...

I was just doing a search on Franklinton, LA because my husband was sent there from the Boston to help assisting the residents.  They brought supplies and are going door to door to check on people.  Hopefully I'll hear from him soon and can update you on what the situation is there.

mystee3 said...

I got a call from my husband this morning.  He said that about 1/4 of the town of Franklinton has their power back.  There are a couple make-shift shelters for people who need a place to stay.  There wasn't any flooding, but there is damage.  Their help has been well received and the towns people are incredible people he said.