Friday, September 2, 2005


Remo's response to the Ted Koppel Entry from yesterday:

That's funny. I didn't realize Ted-Head was so astute on matters of disaster management. Hindsight is 20-20, unless you have you head up your ass. If FEMA had been able to predict the levy collapse, the looting, the loss of power, and told everyone to get out ahead of time, there would still be morons who refused to leave.
Comment from screaminremo303 - 9/2/05 9:04 AM

Remo -- Did you miss the memo? This wasn't a question of 20/20 hindsight. Everything that has happened in New Orleans has been predicted in detail by experts. For years. Even the weather forecasters in Florida predicted a Louisiana hit the Thursday before.

Thank goodness for the Coast Guard. They are the only heroes in all this.

They had already risked their lives for days saving hundreds of people before FEMA even checked its voicemail.

It's FEMA's job to be on top of this stuff. And have a pre-disaster plan in place. Like say, knowing who and what to bring in and when. Then it behooves them to be able to implement a full blown disaster plan efficiently when the shit happens.

The FEMA guy looked like a deer in the headlights during the questioning. Hey we told everybody to leave. What? You mean there are people in New Orleans who didn't have enough money or a car to drive so they could get out of town? He admitted that he was surprised by that. WTF?

Call me crazy, but I expect more from the head of our major disaster agency, even though he's a white guy sitting in an office in D.C.

Of course there will be morons who refuse to leave. However, as much as you may wish it, they aren't the problem. The problem is the tens of thousands of people who wanted to leave and couldn't. Now they're hungry, thirsty, sick and dying. I'm sure you think they brought this suffering on themselves.

El Presidente, Fidel Castro himself, does a better job of moving his people to safety when the hurricanes come. He sends buses ahead of time so the Cubans don't all have to cram into the 1958 Sedan de Ville for the ride to higher ground.

Ted Koppel asked all the questions the rest of us, except you, wanted to have answers for.

You just want to make sure that the people who got stuck on the rooftops know they're idiots.

Quit blaming the victims.

I'm sure they're sorry. And they won't do it again.


djzgirl71 said...

Great flippin' response!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


billyt8617 said...

Finally the media is really talking about these things and taking those responsible for this mess of a relief effort to task. While the hurricane was sitting in the Gulf, everyone was sitting behind while the media were all going "it's going to hit the fan, guys...."

Thank Lily for pointing me to this entry.


robbush6 said...

Pass me the mashed potatoes and that bowl of cold spaghetti. I'm going in.

By the way, it ain't over. Check the radar. Two more tropical storms are already out there rubbing their hands together in a menacing fashion. Brace yourself for the shit storm if those busses can't get the stragglers out. Don't think for one minute that this is not a global problem. How much FEMA red tape am I going to have to cut through to foster a premie cajun crack baby?

screaminremo303 said...

You made my point perfectly.

Everytime something bad happens, everyone looks over their shoulder for someone to blame. FEMA didn't plan. NOAA didn't tell us it would hit New Orleans. Bush didn't get us help fast enough. My Daddy never read to me. WAAAAHHH!!

Suck it up, bitches. You live below sea-level, next to a huge lake and the drainage outlet for the eastern half of the country. What did you think could happen? How much of a public babysitter do you expect the government to be? For a society that is constantly railing (and wailing) about interference from the Fed's, now is a bad time to change your mind.

Here's a solution: No one is allowed to build or live in floodplains. No one is allowed to live in hurricane zones. No one is allowed to live in earthquake-prone areas. Or on sandy hillsides. Or in tornado alley. Bulldoze what is there and relocate everyone somewhere else, like France. We can use the land for the socialist farms that will grow the free food for everyone. No one will have to work, everyone gets something for nothing, and we can all lounge around all day drinking, smoking dope, and making more babies to get more welfare.

Oops. I forgot. New Orleans is already there.

jevanslink said...

Your point changes more often than a stripper on a busy night.  Mrs. L

ber144 said...

The lack of compassion from some people is truly amazing.

(SARCASM ALERT!) Of course, EVERYONE who did not leave New Orleans deserves the situation they are in; too poor to have a car, or too ill to be moved?  Too bad, it's your own damn fault.  That was just your excuse to stay behind and loot anyway.  

Not only is that type of attitude disgraceful, it's also borderline racist.  Sounds like maybe someone has been on the job a little too long.

Funny, I didn't hear a lot of this "suck it up" stuff last year when it was Jeb Bush's state that was getting pounded.  

belfastcowboy75 said...

If living below sea level makes you so stupid that you deserve to die, I'd hate to be Dutch.

txsguinan said...

Absolutely, positively dead on.

pollysci said...

So I guess that means every coastal town in the US ought to be cleared out?  Damn, I live below sea level.  Hmm..Wymoning's going to get awfully crowded.  

pkbeachbum said...

Remo is classic arm chair quarterback. Can't call an aggressive play to save his life, but will stand on the sidelines and whine about being blindsided by the 800 lb gorilla in the room when the blitz was obviously on. How many days warning, Remo? You proud of an America with refugees? It's the hurricane's fault they can't get a job to buy a car because of your wildly fantastic trickle down ecomics.
Give $ to the Red Cross.

gaboatman said...

Mrs. L
Once again your have shown the ability to put your finger right on the problem.  I also agree with your statement:  "Thank goodness for the Coast Guard. They are the only heroes in all this."  There are other heros and we will learn about them in days and weeks to come, but our guys in Orange and Blue were there first and will stay 'til the last.

fitzzer said...

Thank you for telling it like it is. If people had the help they need there already we'd be a whole lot further along with the recovery efforts than we are. Thank goodness for those who do care & are ready to jump in and help. The gov't didn't do their job and are taking their sweet time about doing it now too. It's infuriating. ~ Lori

grassriver said...

Amen to that. Sing it, sister!

salemslot9 said...

mmm...mashed potatoes...spaghetti :)