Thursday, September 8, 2005

Grocery List

At some point in time when I'm visiting with friends, or in this case, one of my brothers and his family, at their vacation house, someone will notice that the cupboard is missing some vital things to drink and eat and say, "We need to make a grocery list." 

Here is the list that was made today:



It took three people to take this list to the store.  They returned with twelve Coronas, two twenty four ounce PBR's or Pabst Blue Ribbon beer to you, three avocados, three lemons, three limes, a bunch of bananas, some Gunnoe's Whole Hog Country Sausage Links with no preservatives added, blueberries, raspberries, eggs, milk, two pounds of ground round, heavy cream, and two loaves of bread, one seven grain, one fifteen grain.

They forgot the vodka.

Hey, I stayed at the house. Somebody's got to make sure the place doesn't burn down.




mosie1944 said...

I worry about your friends.

pollysci said...

Do what I would...

Find a potato, a lighter, some straws and kindling.  Take all ingredients to bathroom and fill tub with water...  Threaten to turn their bathroom into a distillery and hold it hostage until they bring the vodka.

If that doesn't work, go to a truck stop...find a nice Pat Boone Sings Trucker Classics or something of that ilk.  Refuse to turn off said noise until vodka arrives.  And it will.

~tara :)

ksquester said...

I'll drink to that!  Anne

gailmb said...

Sounds like every group grocery shopping expedition I've ever been on......sigh.
We need a new slogan, "Friends don't let friends shop for groceries."

judithheartsong said...

chortle chortle. judi

swibirun said...

We wanna hang out at your house, Mrs. L!



cneinhorn said...

damn, no vodka!