Friday, October 7, 2005

Best Written -- the grammar thing

BelfastCowboy75, New England's finest writer of words. Our personal English tutor who corrects our spelling and grammar mistakes at no charge.  Then writes perfect prose over at his place.  With occasional lyrics from his days as a troubadour. 

Of course it figures I can't remember the name of his journal. I don't need to know it; I just click on the link. Terms of Endearment?  Trickle of self-consciousness?  Maybe he'll stop by and help out in the comments.  I'm multi-tasking right now and can't click on his link in my Other Journals. However, there will be links to all the journals I'm nominating soon. 

Okay, better mention that I forgot the Cowboy is private now and I can't vote for him.  Nobody can.  My fault too.  He went private after I included him as one of my Editor's Picks.  Oh well.


robbush6 said...

"Best . . . The Grammar Thing" sounds like one of those obscure oscars for the best use of cinematography in a short film docu-drama of two guys running for a bus or something.

Semi-consciousness. That's a word that always looks wrong, isn't it?

But I'm with you on this one, multi-tasker.

globetrotter2u said...

The Belfast Cowboy is truly the most brilliant , articulate, and complimentary (blushing) writer  that I know  in J-Land.
Unfortunately, he has a private journal, you ditz.

jevanslink said...

Ooops.  i forget he went private.  Okay.  Back to the drawing board.  Mrs. L

pollysci said...

He went private. That selfish bugger cut off future people from enjoying his writing.  But another one I agree with.  :)

belfastcowboy75 said...

Please. ma'am you allus bin so nahce ta me. Doan t'row me out inna cold just 'cause Massah Patrick say ah gots ta go. Dat Massah Patrick, he a mean man.

suzypwr said...

Whut? My grammer ain't good enuff fer ya?

onemoretina said...

I used to enjoy reading him...till one day, he just wasn't there anymore.  Tina