Friday, November 4, 2005

Announcing the VIVIs LIVE?


Friday, November 4, 2005

Special Announcement! [FROM PATRICK]

The winners will be announced this Saturday night at 9pm Eastern. Full details are at Betty's journal, here. [SORRY, I DIDN'T MAKE A LINK] Betty has kindly agreed to be our hostess for the live awards chat event. Thanks, Betty, and thanks to all who have participated.

If you do not have a paid AOL account and therefore are unable to attend the live chat, the results will still be posted here, so be sure to visit here throughout the evening to get the latest updates.

As I recall, 900 people voted in the VIVI awards competition. How are they all going to get into a chat room?

If you win something are you expected to give a speech? 

I think I'll just wait for the list to be posted.  


gdireneoe said...

NO MADAM!  PLEASE come...if only to make an appearance.  It would be fun. ;)  C.

tillysweetchops said...

Being as how it's scheduled for 2am GMT - something tells me the Brits haven't made it big this year!! LOL


jevanslink said...

I think it's just Americans assuming that the world revolves around US.  Don't you live your lives on our time?  Mrs. L

myheartsaysso2 said...

Yes, one would have to wonder.. how in the world the chatroom could fit more than oh say.. 30 people?.. hmmm.. good  point! :) mel

shaz19743 said...

Afraid im with Tilly on this one ....2am is gonna result in either me nodding off half way through the acceptance speeches or me rabbiling incoherent nonsense in an sleep deprived state of mania .....wait ....thats what i NORMALLY do .....hmmm gonna have to think this one over x

ksquester said...

Just remember to thank your Mother and God!   Anne

notyouravglady said...

I can hardly wait!  I hope you have your speech ready!  Hugs!  LeighAnn

robbush6 said...

Fingers crossed. Making popcorn. I love you, Mrs. L. (Drinking wine)

Hey, whatever happened to the Vulvi's? Me and the Three Stooges are on pins and needles, I'm sure.

somenuttychic said...

Good luck, Mrs. L!

bluwave9 said...

If someone takes too long with their acceptance speech, can we cue some music and wisk them off-stage?  Are you going with Vera or Gucci this year?

I just wanna see who wins Best Pets Journal.  I still think you got shafted.


gaboatman said...

Mrs. L
Please put in at least a tolken appearance tonight.  I cant' wait to see you walking down that red carpet teasing some of the Paparazzi and snarling at others.  Your picture is sure to be on tabloids near every checkout counter by Monday. Honest!