Friday, November 18, 2005


I wanted to create a link to my new blog.

So I cllicked EDIT in my OTHER JOURNALS sidebar.

I cut and pasted the URL.

I clicked save.

It wouldn't link.

I clicked EDIT again.

I noticed that there was no URL only http://.  I erased that.

Hmm, did I make a mistake.

I pasted the URL in place again. Double checked it.

The same thing happened.  AGAIN.

This occurred four different times.  Well, we're up to eight now.  Twelve, now.

I enter the URL and it vanishes, leaving only http://.

Is there something I don't know?  

I'm sure if there is, someone will tell me.

Meanwhile, the reason I will leave AOL isn't the banners.  Although that's reason enough.
It isn't the fact that the services I pay for are offered to AIM users for free.

It isn't that AOL seems non responsive to our needs while they ram their new initiatives down our throats.

It's that on a day to day basis, the techs are idiots.  They break things that aren't broken. They come up with new bells and whistles they like, but can't add stuff we want, llike Spellcheck or a greater variety of fonts or fonts that don't default to other fonts., etc.  

Their recent implementation of the controversial banners has farked up my ability to post entries COMPLETELY.


And now I can't create a link to my new blog.

F-word F-word F-word F-word.

By the way did you know that on TV the censors will let you say someone is a DICK, but you can't say a penis is a DICK.


mawmellow said...

The things you've taught me since I discovered your journal !

gdireneoe said...

This is partially a test... I have been trying to post to my journal since yesterday...I will probably be following you guys pretty quickly. ;)  C.

sieblonde said...

PFFT.  I still can't add an entry, use pics, save an entry, nothing.  It's always so fun when AOL 'updates."   ~Sie who is stockpiling her entries at

suzypwr said...

My journal isn't even working. Good luck!

gdireneoe said... the FUHREAKING comments are MUST be a entry is about all this crap.  If it won't finally accept your new addy...will you e-mail all of us so we can continue to enjoy your thoughts? ;)  C.

xzasporated1 said...

"AOL is too stupid to create a conspiracy."

Damn, Mrs. L., I haven't laughed that hard all week.

~~ jennifer

bosoxblue6993w said...

according to george carlin ... on tv you can prick your finger ... but you'd better not finger your prick.

swibirun said...

Are you testing the censors, young lady?