Monday, November 28, 2005

The Saturday Six Fat Ass Edition

I've gained ten pounds in seven days. I can hibernate now.

1. Have you ever had a dream that you felt was a message from some "higher power?" Do you think it's possible to receive such messages through dreams?

I have flying dreams, where I'm flying higher in the sky than everyone else. Do they count?

2. How much does a person's musical preference tell you about them?

Country -- pilots, commandos and Texans. Classical -- Ivy Leaguers and old people. Hip Hop -- white teens. Rhythm and blues -- people who watch PBS. What other kind of music is there?

3. What time did you get up Friday morning? Were you part of the shopping madness?

Woke up at six in the morning. Turned on the TV. Tried to come up with a caption for the New Yorker weekly cartoon caption contest. Failed. Made some calls. Lay in bed until ten. Wouldn't shop on Black Friday EVER.

4. Take this quiz: What religion do you fit in with?

Educated guess -- none. Took the test:


Your ideals are mostly spiritual, but in an individualistic way. While spirituality is very important in your life, organized religion itself may not be for you. It is best for you to seek these things on your own terms.

5. Is the answer you received the religion you feel you really do fit in with?


6. READER'S CHOICE QUESTION #77 from Globetrotter2: Do you have any special nicknames for your significant other when you're annoyed or irritated with them? If so, give us a few of them (NO PROFANITY, please).

Dildo -- for anyone who ever qualifies as a significant other. And it's down hill from there. What a nice question to follow the one on religion. 


thelovetrain said...

I had a wet dream... didn't realize it was from a higher power until I awoke and saw Al Pacino, eight inches above me.

~Kiss-kiss, Brian <3 @---->---

robbush6 said...

They say not to worry about what the scale says, but rather how your clothes fit. I ripped off two belt loops from my GAP jeans trying to pull them up. They mock me from across the room. The worst part is, this is just the beginning of caramel corn season.

gailmb said...


meforevermore said...

So... uh... I'm a Texan, Ivy Leaguer (no way in hell lol), white teen that watches PBS... Huh... three out of four, lol


shaz19743 said...

Nickname ? Significant other ? im gonna have to go with Mr freakingnonexistant x

sunnyside46 said...

hibernating sounds like a great option right now