Thursday, December 1, 2005


It's becoming increasingly clear that the people in charge of launching AOL's NEW JOURNAL PRODUCTS don't speak to the people who have to implement them.

Launch dates seem to be set in stone, regardless of whether or not product is ready. We've all seen the mess that created.

The New Product Manager said that her journal was supposed to be up BEFORE the ads, but it wasn't.

Her bosses sound like a real bunch of jerks. Something we already knew. We just didn't know that she is as much of a victim of their whims as we are.  

She said that her entire TEAM didn't want the FLASH ads that showed up. But apparently the assholes in the ivory tower turned down their hearing aids and refused to listen.  I can see them holding their ears and yelling, "LALALALALALALALALA."

It sounds like there are a lot of people on the AOL front lines who have to shoulder the responsibility and blame for things that happen, but have no power to make changes or implement decisions to prevent them from happening.

The beat goes on.


ksquester said...

OK, I'll roll out the GONG!         Anne

suzypwr said...

Journals were an add-on item in what, the last two years? Given a choice of higher rates or some ads I can ignore....this doesn't mean I like them or approve, because I don't.


robbush6 said...

Well, then.

sdoscher458 said...

Well it seems AOL is being true to itself...not listening to employees or "members". Wonder who they do listen to? Only money?...Sandi

floralilia said...

amateur in charge of journal programming

is the better title, eh?

psychfun said...

HA! That is just too funny! You know I'm beginning to think these higher ups are not getting enough at home so they are taking it out on us. What do you think?

rgwindland said...

That's called middle management.  They should have worn body armor for this one. Rhonda