Sunday, February 26, 2006

Patrick's Saturday Six and a Fiver

Several years ago I found myself working with a video editor who was legally blind from a chemical accident that happened while he was shooting a film. WTF? I'm all for hiring the handicapped, but this was a little more than I bargained for. I noticed he had a hard time seeing subtle changes in the footage. Ya think? He missed things that make the difference between a good edit and a bad edit. A frame or two here and there. Unfortunately, when I pointed them out, he couldn't see them. Somehow the work got done. But it was painful.

Last week my job took another ironic twist. I was editing footage for a project with another editor who has visual problems. He suffers from retinosa pigmentosa, an incurable disease that causes blindness. On top of that, he is hearing impaired. Needless to say the two most important aspects of editing are hearing and seeing. I'm wondering if either one of these editors has a backup plan for their careers. Because they were sure messing with mine. Speaking of what's left of my future:

1. What is the most difficult aspect of your current job?

Doing my hair and make up.

2. What is the easiest aspect of your job?

Doing my hair and makeup.

3. How many keys are there on your keyring right now? Are you able to recall exactly what every key on your keyring actually unlocks?

I have two keys and two key rings. One has my car key.  The other has my house key.  The car key is always nearby. The house key is kept in a secret place.

4. Take this quiz (if you haven't already!): What kind of an elitist are you?

I am a reverse snob. I avoid people who drive Hummers, only drink Grey Goose, and wear lots of bling. But I'll take the test anyway.

5. What is your least favorite ethnic food, and what makes it your least favorite?

Whatever Asians do with puppies is number one on my least favorite ethnic food list. And if you don't know why it's my least favorite, I can't help you.

6. If you were a different person, but were to meet someone identical to who you are and how you behave right now, would you likely be friends with that person? Why or why not?

I like funny people, so I wouldn't mind hanging around  with myself. I make me laugh everyday already.

Here's another FIVE questions I found in my travels:

1. Have you ever "mooned" anyone? Tell us about it.  

No. But I remember the first time I got mooned. First of all, you have to understand when I was told what the art of "mooning" was, I didn't believe it. The concept did not compute, because it sounded so incredibly stupid to me. I was initiated with my first full moon within a week or two of getting to college. At a freshman mixer at some fraternity, I was twisting the night away in the quad when I noticed that EVERYONE was looking up at something. I finally turned around a saw a big hairy butt sticking out of the window of the frat house. The cheeks were so large that they filled the window area in its entirety. The other details have been mercifullylost to history. At that moment, I was no longer a virgin.

2. Did you ever toilet paper someone's house when you were a kid? 

Nope. I grew up PT -- Pre-Teepee. But one of my daughters got teepeed in high school. I was home and saw it all, but didn't call the cops. It was a compliment of sorts. In an obnoxious, immature, very messy way.

A few months later, I pulled aside one of the boys who did it, when the timing was right, and said, "Nice job with the toilet paper."  His eyes got very wide and I smelled fear on his breath, until he saw me smile.

3.  In your town where is the best place to get a really good hamburger?

Boston Blackie's. There are three of them in the Chicago area. One in my town. One in the town where I grew up.  And one in the city. With fresh made cottage fries. Hmmmm, deelish.

4. What is the worse movie you ever saw...and have you ever walked out on a movie cause it was so bad?

I've only walked out of one movie -- Robert Altman's The Wedding. It was supposed to be satire.  It was just stupid.

I couldn't walk out of Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut because I was with a whole bunch of people. To this day, I refuse to watch Clockwork Orange.

5. If you could change your eye color would you and what color would you chose? 

I have hazel eyes with a lot of green in them. They used to be dark brown. Go figure. Maybe in a few years they'll revert to blue. I have no desire to change the color, since they seem to do it all by themselves anyway.

Anybody got any other questions they wanna ask Mrs. Linklater?


suzypwr said...

Puppies? Just let me add what a friend told me. She is from the Pacific Rim. If you eat soup and the meat floats, it's cat. I thought that tidbit of knowledge might make your day.


thisismary said...

Anybody got any questions that they want to ask Mrs. Linklater?  Is this for real? My friend Nonnie has a question!  Does Mrs Linklater take questions that have not been turned into pop psycology pate by the syndicated columnists?  Does one post question here or on your Blogspot site?  The world needs the advice of Mrs. L!

sunnyside46 said...

I got a call from a telemarketer with a lisp the other day