Thursday, March 9, 2006

The Zen of Using Express Mail

A couple of folks have written about their fears lately.

Dornbrau wrote about her fear of spiders.  Dpoem wrote about several things he fears, but being afraid of Buicks made me laugh the most.

I have a fear. I always fear that USPS, which stands for UnSusPected Stupidity, will find yet another way to make sure the Express Mail envelope I entrusted to their care is somehow NOT delivered within the time frame promised. Or, as it turns out, even the DAY it was promised.


That fear was realized yesterday when I tried to track my envelope through normal channels, i.e., over the phone and online.  After it reached the USPS distribution center at 6:00 AM, in plenty of time to arrive at its destination by noon, said envelope cannot be accounted for.

So I must assume the Zen position, which feels like over a barrel, and let go of all need to control this uncontrollable situation.

Until I can find the IDIOT who f*cked this up! 

Meanwhile, I am at peace.


ksquester said...

and may God have mercy on their damned ole soul!   Anne

elleme2 said...

Ha!  I got you beat.  A certified letter, return receipt requested, that I sent to Washington D.C. last August arrived at the Post Office but never reached the addressee.  Queries to the Washington Postmaster are ignored.  Two checks mailed elsewhere a month before that just disappeared into thin air.  And I've lost count of the number of times mail adddressed to several different neighbors has found its way into my mailbox. and my mail into theirs..  Give'em hell for me!  I've been doing my bit, but I'm getting hoarse.