Monday, April 10, 2006


That's right. There were no DNA matches to go along with the accusations of sexual assault. Nothing from the players was found on the exotic dancer who filed the complaint. Nothing from the woman herself, i.e., her blood, saliva, etc., was found in the bathroom where the attack supposedly took place. Nothing resembling the latex and lubrication of a condom was found either.

Apparently the cops swabbed every orifice of the accuser that could have been penetrated for purposes of lacrosse team gratification. So it's looking like the claims of sexual assault may be bogus. If they are bogus, what were those women thinking? That they wouldn't be exposed for the frauds they may turn out to be?

But the team should still be punished for underage drinking and the stupidity of hiring a stripper. Because false accusations could and did happen. Because hiring a stripper should fall under conduct unbecoming scholarship athletes. Because those lucky few whose entire educations have been paid for should be held to a higher standard. And because the team's lack of judgment brought disgrace, however undeserved, to the university.

And if the accusations turn out to be false, throw the book at that bitch. Reinstate the coach. Let the team play the rest of their season, less the two games they had to forfeit for the underage drinking. But uphold the suspension of the kid who wrote the inflammatory emails about killing strippers and skinning them.

Meanwhile, there will be people who will claim that the crime lab has whitewashed [pardon the expression] the results. Or falsified the testing. Whatever. Nobody is going to come out a winner on this one.

Duke understandably caved under a lot of local and national pressure. They've been accused of not responding quickly enough. But, with the passage of time, their response may have been unnecessarily speedy. There is enough bad boy history among college athletes to justify the decisions that were made. Now we're reminded that there are enough lying women to make you realize that the more things change the more they stay the same.

Two words -- Tawana Brawley. A New York grand jury found her accusations of sexual assault by six white members of law enforcement not credible. Subsequently three of the men she accused sued for defamation and won. 

It ain't over till it's over.


ksquester said...

Very interesting. False accusations by a former daugter in law of mine, nearly destroyed our family. Her accusations ultimately cost her the business we sold her for a dollar and destroyed her credibility. What is worse is ONE day her children will find out.   Being raped is a awful, but being accused of something you aren't guilty of, is something that one never gets over either. Surprisingly, it happens more than you would think.  It will be interesting to see what unfolds.  Anne

psychfun said...

I'd hold off just a bit yet. First the cops should not be doing the swabbing but most likely a nurse in the ER with possibly a female cop present. I'll double check but when I was on a rape case the rape kit was "lost"....right! I agree with what you suggest but I can't see a woman going through all that publically. Most women won't because of that. That is why I'm a bit reserved right now. We don't know how they were acting & there are classic signs that can't be really "acting" so someone will know if this makes any sense or not. Am I suggesting there may be the possibilty of a "cover up"? Sure! Anything is possible! People know people, Power is strong, this is reputation, money ETC!!! Time will tell, and sometimes HISTORY! Today's day & age is not immune from things what were done in the past. People got away with so much. People get off for sooooo many reasons! We share see!

jevanslink said...

I'm sure some beat cop didn't do the swabbing of the vicitm's private parts. Since I'm not an AP reporter or a bonafide  journalist, my standards of reporting are lower. I casually used COPS to define the OFFICIALS who performed the rape kit exam at the hospital. Presumably it was done by trained medical professionals.

There are also new time stamped pictures that were taken at the party which show that the stripper who made the charges had lacerations on her that looked recent BEFORE the alleged rape took place.  

If this woman is a lying about the attack, she has affected the credibility of all other women who have been raped, but afraid to come forward.  

She also may be stupid enough to think she could get away with the accusation. Not everybody watches CSI.  

Mrs. L

screaminremo303 said...

Hardly a week goes by without a woman filing a sexual assault report that is completely bogus. It's usually a teenage girl trying to find a way to keep out of trouble for sneaking out or getting drunk, and they never get charged with false reporting because it would "deter real victims from reporting their crimes."  BULLSHIT. I say throw the liars to the court of public opinion in order to send a message about how seriously the crime is treated.

I noticed that Rev. Al Sharpton never showed up on this one...

lamove04 said...

Hi Mrs. L.!   This story is an example of why I got out of the Stripping Biz.

:-) Albert

elleme2 said...

I agree with the observations both about rape and about false accusations, but I'm not quite ready to close the book on this one.  The DA seems to feel he still has a provable case, though he hasn't said what other evidence he has.  And Peter Neufeld himself, who has helped exonerate many wrongfully convicted persons through the use of DNA, has observed that the absence of DNA does not prove innocence.  And I'm not sure how, or if, they can separate one person's DNA from another when there are multiple contributors.  We need to wait and see.