Sunday, April 16, 2006

Today is Marshmallow Peeps Day

In case you think Easter is the only holiday being celebrated today, ask yourself whether Easter has its own website? I think not.

Marsmallow Peeps has a website. Yes. Those strange little confections with the gooey center and the odd crusty exterior that seems to have been rolled in pastel sand have a place where you can see what they've been doing lately.

Does Easter have a registered trademark? Ha!! Marshmallow Peeps does. In a day and age when a URL address means that you have a measure of importance somehow, somewhere, the Peeps have made their mark in cyberspace. Easter not so much.

There are Marshmallow Peeps recipes, a fan club, and clear indications from the number of cute buttons to click that you can enjoy Peeps on Valentine's Day, Halloween and Christmas too, as well as that other holiday celebrated at the same time, Easter. Who knew? I'm surprised that St. Patrick's Day, Fourth of July, and Sweetest Day haven't been included. 

A visit to the website revealed a whole world of Peeps you may not know exists. Peeps e-cards, Peeps icons, Peeps recipes. My personal favorite is Peeps fondue. Just the thought of dipping those triple sugary confections in chocolate should please any pancreas wasting away on salads and lean meats.

There is also a Peeps fan club. I joined. Yes, really. I may be their oldest member. I also signed up to get email alerts about any new Peeps recipes. Peeps and potatoes. Creamed Peeps and onions. There is a special area called Sneak Peeps. But they didn't have anything sneaky to peep at and suggested coming back another time.

You're probably familiar with all the Peeps pastel colors usually found peeping out of the grass in an Easter basket. Yellow, pink, blue, green, and purple come to mind. 

At the website you'll notice that visitors are encouraged to suggest other colors which might strike their fancy.  I lean towards burnt sienna, avocado green, and harvest gold which I noticed hadn't been suggested yet. Gun metal gray is nice, too Might as well jump in with both feet.

But hereI am going on and on about Marshmallow Peeps when you could be hunting them down yourselves, crawling around on all fours looking for all the secret places where they've been hidden. Remember how much fun it can be to find one, maybe two if you're lucky, several months from now, hardened to petrified perfection?

And today, when the lamb or ham is served at your holiday table, assuming Marshmallow Peeps Day is a holiday that you celebrate, remember that Easter wouldn't be Easter without them.


bosoxblue6993w said...

a marshmallow peeps cult.      great.    

ksquester said...

As we say in my home state of Kentucky, "You aint right!"    Anne

ladeeoftheworld said...

My daughter-in-law buys as many Peeps as she can at any given time of the year.  She pokes holes in the cellophane with a pin, puts away the Peeps and allows them to get stale.  This way she always has a supply of stale Peeps to eat with her morning coffee!  She loves 'em...............yuk.

onemoretina said...

     I, too, have had Peeps on the mind.  I personally think that those things are nasty, but I can't imagine celebrating Easter without them.  Easter without Peeps is like Christmas without a tree ... And we couldn't have that.  Tina

jayveeconcerto said...

Believe it or not, I already knew that Peeps has a website. I've been there (but I didn't join the fan club. Should I?) I'm glad you had the courage to mention this Peep thing. It has inspired me to come out of the marshmallow closet.
By the way, Peeps don't taste half as good now as they did when I was a kid......       Jon

swibirun said...

Did you see the part about Peep fighting done in the microwave?  If I remember correctly, you lick the right side of two peeps and "glue" a toothpick (2) to each of their sides.  You face them towards each other and hit the start button.  Supposedly they will "joust".  Havent tried it myself but it sounded hilarious.


emmapeeldallas said...

I love marshmallow peeps, also cotton candy and snowballs (those devil's food cupcakes with marshmallow fluff in the center and a sort of plasticky, coconut icing) - H*** never understood my junk food fetish with these three food items (I'm being generous in referring to them as food), and was convinced our firstborn would have birth defects because I ate snowballs at least once a week all during my pregnancy with her.  

Oh well.

salemslot9 said...

Kentucky...too funny :)