Tuesday, May 2, 2006


From my buddy in LA:

On Friday, President Bush blasted the idea of singing the Star Spangled Banner in Spanish. 
But Bush’s highly-scripted 2001 inaugural ceremony actually featured a rendition of the national anthem sung in Spanish by Jon Secada. From Cox News Service, 1/18/01:

Pop star Jon Secada sang the national anthem in Spanish.

Apparently, Secada singing the anthem in Spanish was a regular feature of the Bush campaign. From the 8/3/00 Miami Herald:

The nominee, his wife Laura, erstwhile rival John McCain and his wife Cindy joined Bush on a platform where children sang the national anthem - in “Spanglish,” Secada explained.

From a radio show in Chicago:

For all you folks who think the illegals here don't pay taxes, many many many of them acquire fake social security numbers which they give to their employers so they can work under the guise of being legal.

BTW: One of the seven thousand Irish illegals in Chicago was interviewed after the parade. The fellow said that until the parade he had no idea there were any other illegals around besides him and his Irish brethren. His job?  Working at city hall as a contract negotiator. Now back to our story.

Meanwhile, the Social Security Administration takes note when they think Social Security numbers are fake and lets the employers know that they know they might be fake. But other than that they haven't done much else. Like arrest people, deport them, stuff you might expect.

Why?  Because there is a special fund set up for the money sent to those fake SS#'s.  The money that will never be collected because illegal aliens earned it. 

Right now, according to the report on the radio this morning, there's BILLIONS of dollars in that fund.

That money is what's keeping Social Security afloat.

Stuff like this just warms my heart.


ksquester said...

"I know you think you're right, so I'll let you keep your happy thoughts"  Anne

jevanslink said...

Haaaaaaaaaa.  I'm only passing along stuff I heard and got in my meail.  It makes me happy though, you're right.  Mrs. L

ksquester said...

And here's my happy little thought. (or maybe I should just go screw myself!)

elleme2 said...

A little Googling does indeed confirm the existence of what is known as the Social Security Earnings Suspense File (ESF), repository for all earnings reports (totaling 520 billion in wages as of 2003) that do not match existing Social Security numbers.  See: http://www.axcessnews.com/modules/wfsection/article.php?articleid=7059  Or, straight from last month's Congressional hearings, if you prefer:  http://www.ssa.gov/oig/communications/testimony_speeches/03142006testimony.htm
(Sorry, I'm no good with links)  It is generally believed that the bulk of those reports are for illegal immigrants from whom Social Security taxes have been collected. They also will have had Federal and State Income Taxes withheld and will probably never requeast a refund of overpaid taxes for the same reason they will never collect Social Security

mombzbe said...

I'm sorry, you lost me at Jon Secada.

That man should never, ever, ever sing in English.  

screaminremo303 said...

It's not the language - it's screwing with the lyrics to foist an agenda that pisses me off. I think they should use some of that slush fund to pay Al Gore to go live under a rock.

swibirun said...

Now if we can just get all the Americans skipping out on sales tax via online purchases we will do great!