Friday, May 12, 2006

Liar Liar Pants On Fire

John Scalzi's Weekend Assignment: Present three "facts" about yourself: Two of the facts true, and one of the facts false. Let people guess which "fact" is the fake one. Reveal the fake fact on Monday. You don't want to give away the fake fact too early, so be sure to make it sound plausible, next to the other two real facts.

Okay, I'll play.

FACT NUMBER ONE: A photographer's rep was trolling the halls of the ad agency where I worked in the sixties and spotted me. I'd never met him before. Looking up at all six feet of me he said, "You're lanky." And that's how I became Miss Goosepimple of 1967.

FACT NUMBER TWO:  In college I was working as an apprentice for a summer stock company at the old Edgewater Hotel Playhouse in Chicago.  I was assigned to help Jessica Walter [Arrested Development] during her quick changes. She was starring with Jackie Mason in a show called Fair Game. Mason kept ad libbing and after one scene she told him off. Ripped him a new body part. The next night I was terrified she would get angry at him again. She walked off stage. I froze. He walked up to her. Uh oh. She smiled at him. SMILED? Then he said, "Is sex out of the question?" That's when I knew I didn't want to be in show business.

FACT NUMBER THREE:  John Hughes, the director of Ferris Bueller's Day Off went to high school in my town. And he shot a lot of his movies around here. During one shoot they needed a house with a garage to shoot a scene where a sports car was kept.  The garage needed to be above ground so they could shoot the car flying out the back and crashing to the ground. That was my house. And my then husband's car was one of the stand ins.

EXTRA CREDIT: Can you lie with a straight face? Really?

I can't lie because I would forget what I said and tell the truth. But I can fib with the best of them. "No really, you're the first."



ondinemonet said...

I go with #1 :) But! :) #3 is completely believe! :)

Always, Carly

monponsett said...

I'll go with the John Hughes story... sounds just like Ferris.

jaykolb said...

I'm going with #3.  That was one nice house - if it IS yours, I wanna come visit.

If you like, you can take a whack at my lie at


bosoxblue6993w said...


mombzbe said...

Mrs L, you are either the craftiest woman I've ever met, or I am just that gullible--I believe they are all true. lol
I will play later--

klimbingkitty99 said...

Wow! What great stories. I think number 3 is a lie. Take a look at mine. I am new to this all so I hope you can get there.
klimbingkitty@aol under journals I guess

hewasolddog299 said...

You sell yourself short, Ms Prevaricator of 2006. And Jackie was a very funny man, wasn't he? But your ex-husband letting anyone with the movie company mess with his cars? Not bloody likely...

mfried365 said...

Three is a lie.    The garage in question is in Highland Park and the owner of the house was a well- known  textile designer, and those were his cars on display.
Well, not the one they crashed-- that was a prop.

jevanslink said...

      Remember the obnoxious kid who was a know it all and had to show off what a genius he was and spoil something for everyone in the process?  

     Well, Mfried365 was that kid.  Yes, THREE is a lie, but you didn't have to ruin the fun, jerkwad.

     John Hughes did go to high school in my town. And he shot a lot of the exterior Ferris Bueller high school footage at the high school here.  And for a long time there was a huge SAVE FERRIS sign painted across the water tower, but the part of the movie where Ferris was supposedly dying was pretty much cut out.  

     BTW, Home Alone was shot at the house of one of my friends on Lincoln Avenue in Winnetka.  Na na na na na.  Mrs. L

swibirun said...

Well, I WAS going to pick #3 just because the first two seemed to be classic Mrs L experiences......BUT since someone let the cat outta da bag:)

So...."Is sex out of the question?"

I'd be the first:)

ha ha ha ha ha

Hope you have a great Mother's Day with the kids.

Happy Mother's Day

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onemoretina said...

I love story number two.  That line sounds like classic Jackie Mason.  Tina

scotthlori said...

My guess is #1.  If not, please tell what being Miss Goosepimple intells.  LOL


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psychfun said...

That is soooo cool about the garage & car! Love it. Man you are intriguing me now where that might be in IL. HA!