Friday, June 23, 2006


This comment was posted at my opponent's blog:

By the way, I'm 38 -- not that young.  And, I've been around awhile and my experience has been mostly positive with men.  I NEVER said I have never been discriminated against by a man or men. [Bold italics Mrs. L's]  I DID say that women tend to cause more grief or other women and themselves than men cause. [Sorry, but you did NOT say that -- comment Mrs. L's]  It's time to stop playing the blame game on men as an excuse not to be accountable for your own judgmentalness and shorcomings as a woman.  Be stronger than that and be a better role model for other women.
Comment from jeannieclaire - 6/23/06 7:36 PM

If you never said you were never discriminated against by men, who wrote this comment in your blog?

Their reality [discrimination] is not my reality.  I have never had a problem with a man. 

And who wrote this sentence in your entry "Why I can't relate to women"?

I have, as a woman, never experienced discrimination in high school, college, or in my professional career post-college.

So many women who haven't got a clue, so little interest in spending another minute telling them. 

Hate to go, but I need to work on fine-tuning my judgementalness.


ber144 said...

Opponent?  I love that choice of word.  I also love that you have forced her into a circular argument.  I can accept people having alternate opinions, but they have to be able to see that others may disagree.  She doesn't seem to be accepting of that.

And if she's a"professional"writer, she must have one heck of an editor.

I don't know if, as a man, it is proper for me to say this, but . . . I would think that someone who has escaped a domestic abuse situation would be a little more supportive of their gender.  I guess I should be saying that there except here.

Excellent writing, as usual, Mrs. L.

suzypwr said...

If women don't support other women, who will?


screaminremo303 said...

Suz: I dunno. Oprah?

I'm all for summer reruns, but if no one is going to get into the plastic wading pool, I'm taking my 5-gallon jug of olive oil and I'm going home.

hewasolddog299 said...

A pay-for-publication "author" and able to make up words (rather than use those we already have) -- what will she do for an encore?


thisismary said...

Dear Mrs L.
She grew-up in rural Iowa in the 70's / 80's yet claims to have never encountered gender based discrimination from men. Hmmmm.  I grew up in Urban Iowa in the 70's / 80's and gender based discrimination, while not rampant, was still standing. Live in ANY Midwestern rural area and you time warp right back to the 50's.  Still.  I am not complaining, I am just a sayin, things is the way they is.

Great writing Mrs. L.!!  But you are never going to get through to her, lessin you convert yourself into some sort of alternative energy wave capable of getting past her aluminum foil hat.

artloner said...

Awww Linky-Lu..I have three words for that sort:


(You knew that already...LMAO)