Friday, June 23, 2006

"I Don't Relate To Other Women ' Blogger Answers Mrs. L

Mrs. Linklater wasn't going to make a really big deal out of this catfight. [See previous entry.] She actually had a moment of maturity, but, fortunately, it passed.  THEN, Mrs. L discovered that she had been BLOCKED from leaving a comment at this misguided woman's blog.  TSK TSK.  It's not nice to block Mrs. Linklater.  Here's what this sanctimonious priss wrote in the comments at her journal -- she was too chicken to write them here:

FACT:  Descrimination is obviously a reality for the two women who have posted to my blog.  I'm sorry they have experienced this reality in their lives.

Uh. The word is "Discrimination." Only one of your commenters was a woman.  Me.  [Then I was blocked, because I think you're afraid of me. Na na na na na.] The other commenter was a GUY, if you'd taken the time to check.  I thought you were supposedly some kinda professional writer.
By the way just because you've self published a book doesn't make you a professional writer. 

FACT:  Their reality is not my reality.  I have never had a problem with a man. 

Yes you have.  You write in your journal about your first husband, whom you divorced because he was abusive.  I consider THAT a problem.

I have often had trouble dealing with women. 

Here's a thought. Write down everything about women that you don't like.  Those qualities are the ones you don't like in yourself. And cause trouble with other women. Oh, wait, you do that in the next couple of sentences. First this:

Perhaps that is why most of my friends are male rather than female and why I prefer to work with men over women.

I've seen the picture you posted at your book site.  It is very pretty.  I bet you play the flirt card with guys all the time. You have to be real with women.  Just don't get fat or ugly or old or your flirt value will expire faster than a library card in a rock band.

Most women I know are catty, jealous people lacking of a self-esteem. 

I think you mean "Lacking IN self-esteem."  It's mistakes like that which call into question your claim of professional writerhoodliness. Plus, don't forget what I said about your criticism of other women being about yourself.  Ya know?

Sure, not all women are this way, [How would you know, you don't have any female friends] it just seems to be the norm, in my opinion.

We all have our own realities and form our own opinions based on our own realities and perceptions.

Abso-freaking-lutely.  Your reality seems skewed by what you choose to ignore. 


suzypwr said...

Well, Mrs L, you can't win an argument with a fool. A woman who prefers to work with  men instead of  other women (or just PEOPLE) and thinks she has no problem with discrimination - while she discriminates against other women - is not someone you can win an argument with. She isn't a feminist or enlightened. She thinks she has a penis of her very own and that makes her special. Women like her are who kept feminism from getting off the ground in the first place. I know, I am preaching to the choir. That attitude of hers just grates on me, though.


elleme2 said...

If This is War, Mrs. L, count me on your side.  I know too well whereof you speak.  

artloner said...

Ahh. let's hear what she says when she hits 40.  LMAO  Ohh nooo...nevermind...she'll have married, spit out a few rugrats, divorced and be collecting a nice alimony check by she STILL won't have a problem with the man who's paying for her.

mutualaide said...

Thank you for today's BEST READ OF THE DAY!

thisismary said...

Actually this comment belongs in your "50 questions" entry -- but I am entirely too lazy to scroll way down there.
Refusing to give out your initials for fear of being deluged with drifts of monogrammed towels?  Hysterical.  No, I mean it.  That was truly funny!
Ok, back to the dim bulb at hand ...  she truly is a twit.  Yawant I should go beat her up or sumpin? Point and laugh? Make her cry?  ;-)

emmapeeldallas said...

LOL!  Oh, I love reading your journal!  That woman is such an incredible twit...and you have such terrific responses to her nonsense.