Thursday, July 27, 2006


So Mo'Nique, the larger than life [and most airline seats] celebrity, wants to sue United Air Lines because she's black.  Wait, I mean she says they were mean to her because she's black.  Apparently she was ensconced in her comfortable First Class seat [seats?] that are so friendly to widebodies like herself, when her assistant, who was in coach, felt the urge to put something into Mo'Nique's carry-on.  [Has there ever been a more affected spelling of anyone's name?].  Sources say the item was a hair dryer.  Why her assistant hadn't packed the hairdryer ahead of time is beyond me. BUT. Instead of asking permission to enter First Class, which, as those of us who usually fly coach are aware, is sancrosanct in this post 911 day and age of stupid rules we have to follow in case someone might be a terrorist, the assistant apparently felt it was her RIGHT to do as she pleased, because she was with Mo'Nique.  Not so fast, attitude breath. The flight attendant, who, by the way, is in charge of all cabin behavior, took exception to Mo'Nique's assistant coming into the First Class cabin all la de da and they had words.  It's now a "she said-she said" situation.

Anywho, Mo'Nique -- I just love writing that name -- and her entourage deplaned and caught a different flight.  But not before Mo'Nique -- there I go again -- called a press conference and asked everyone to never fly United Airlines again.  Well, Mo -- if flying United means you and your people won't be on board, I'll be making my reservations today.

Ironically, according to Bill Zwecker, who writes about celebrities for the Chicago Sun-Times, he spoke with Mo'Nique's FORMER publicist way before -- okay a couple of weeks before this happened. The publicist allowed as how [a phrase I like almost as much as "come to find out"] she thought Mo'Nique and her entourage were the worst of the worst to deal with.

Which brings me to standing behind some jerkwad who was at the airline ticket counter yesterday trying to get something taken care of, but he wouldn't get off his cellphone, so the ticketagent wouldn't take care of him.  He absolutely refused to cooperate.  So she just said, sorry, I'm not helping you.  He went ballistic and started trying to pull rank, while still on the phone, shouting, and gesticulating, and still on the phone. Did I mention he stayed on the phone?

Meanwhile, she took care of me.


lamove04 said...

As a Big Black Beautiful Woman, I take EXTREME OFFENSE to this entry!
;-)  ;-)  ;-)

jevanslink said...

You should.  She's extremely offensive.  Mrs. L

onemoretina said...

    The introduction of the cell phone has left a large number of the population completely clueless in the manners department.  I witnessed the same thing in LAX last summer.  The guy just couldn't grasp the concept of giving his attention to the person trying to help him.  She gave up, and he pitched a fit.  Too bad for him.    Tina

ber144 said...

Shouldn't it be "Fly Me to the Mo'on"?  Or "Fly Me to the Moo"?  

Maybe this suit will be heard back-to-back with the one Diane Burns filed (news anchor on Ch 2), claiming that the contractors who re-modeled her home did a bad job ON PURPOSE because she is black.  Double the fun.

swibirun said...

Ever watch the show Airline?  It's chock full of asswipes like that, great fun.  We love talking to Brandi now that she is an Attendant to hear her weekly stories.  One of the funnies bits was last week when she mentioned that a nice asian lady on her flight gave her some spiced peanuts from Korea.  

I was hysterical and told her, that was the first time I had heard of a passenger giving a flight attendant peanuts.

So, did you give cell phone guy an elbow to his ribs to push him outta your way?


kaydeejay5449 said...

Oh, don't ya just get so friggin sick and tired of that 'cuz I'm black' thing gettin' pulled out.  Maybe it isn't because you're black at all ~~ maybe it's because you're assistant was rude and wasn't folowing thee rulesssss...................  AHhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....  I'm flying United everywhere I go.

mombzbe said...

'Cell phone rage' :  where people being inconvenienced by the person on the cell  phone lose it, grab the phone, and throw it as hard as they can at the nearest wall.  

I'm telling you, it's the next big thing.
P.S.  D-list celebrities and their A-list attitudes are always good for a laugh on a Sunday evening.  Shall we make a bet that Mo will be crying on Oprah's shoulder soon?

screaminremo303 said...

If her fat-ass tizzy fit wasn't bad enough, the rest of the world has to listen to her tell her "exclusive" story on  ET and the rest of Sheeple TV. When did acting like a stupid person (Black or whatever) become a reason to be famous?

Oops. I'm forgetting the Morton Downey, Jr. show.

If Mo'Cheeseburger married Ron Howard, would that make her Mo'Ron?