Tuesday, July 11, 2006

I Should Go Back to Bed

Remind me not to listen to the news this early in the morning.

Phoenix may not have one, not two, but THREE serial killers. Note to REMO: Double the Kevlar.

Barbarro -- the popular Kentucky Derby winner whose rear leg snapped -- has infections in TWO legs now?  What's that about?  An early demise I'm thinking.

The two American soldiers who were abducted three weeks ago, tortured, killed and mutilated, not necessarily in that order, were executed in revenge for the rape and murder of the Iraqi girl by American soldiers. According to the insurgents. And those killings are any different than all their other murders? 

I was worried that Bush would nuke the North Koreans. Looks like Japan and China want first crack. Great.

Some psycho doctor blows up a building he and his wife own together so she can't get it in the divorce.  "I always told you I will only leave this building if I am dead." The bad news is that he survived the blast.

There are pet custody fights for the animals that survived Katrina which were adopted after the hurricane. One guy had a chip in his dog and it was still adopted out.  GIVE THE PETS BACK you assholes.

Last week I was headed for a visit to the peaceful, tiny town of Ellison Bay in northern Door County, WI -- where two people were just killed when some resort building blew the hell up. That could have been me if I hadn't stopped for lunch somewhere else and decided not to go there. And waited until this week.

There is now a new set of etiquette rules for using your Crackberry, er, Blackberry. Make them for cellphones too.  Personally I have only one pet peeve -- this morning at least. If you are interrupted by a call tell the person you'll call them back, or don't take the call.  Especially if it comes through on call waiting. Just say, I'm on another call.  Do NOT leave me hanging while you take the call for more than ten seconds or I'll hang up.  I got rid of Call Waiting because it was so annoying to me -- that beep in my ear drove me crazy. Leave a message. I'll call you back. Sheesh.

Oops. now I'm in a frenzy and I have to drive somewhere. In the rain. In rush hour. 

Deep breaths. Breathe in. Breathe out.  Haaaaaaaa. Like that's going to work.


psychfun said...

Serial killers in AZ? Where? Good thing my folks are in for the summer! I know last week we lost someone who was 35 yrs old. 3 kids under 5, last one born in Oct. I think just go back to bed & sleep through July!

memes121 said...

Valium works much better, LOL!

suzypwr said...

I have always hung up on people after about 10 seconds if they take another call. Obviously that call must have been very important if they didn't come right back, so they can always call me later. I am so tired of people being addicted to their phones and using them everywhere - public toilets, in the bank, while they are paying for things, while they are eating dinner with someone else - I just don't get it. Sure, there are some emergencies. But when I hear someone loudly discussing their gyn appt in detail while I am eating dinner - it's going too far!

Whew. I have been going sideways a lot lately! Moving stress, lol.


screaminremo303 said...

Phoenix has been having people knocked off for over a year now, but we didn't report it because we didn't want the press taking hotel rooms away from the snowbirds. The area where people are being killed is a shit-hole. Remo works in Pleasantville, where the most dangerous action comes from prying Soma containers away from suburban soccer-moms.

queenflamewing said...

Love the way ya think. :)If ya go browsing, please consider swinging on by http://dailyinsanity.skols.net

josephmaaz said...

Yikes. I'm just a hundred miles south from Phoenix, here in boring Tucson. I've heard of some reports on this (but I dont watch TV much).

http://www.azcentral.com/news/articles/0701serialattack0701.html has a story on it as well.

Great blog as well :-)

- Joseph Manna -
AOL Member Services, Tech
Happenings -

rosas831 said...


mombzbe said...

You'll have to get back to us on the Crackberry rules.
I don't think anyone will follow them.

Because you know, they're all soooo important, the rules don't apply to THEM.  lol

alphawoman1 said...

Congrats on being one of the Guest Editors choices! She has great taste.

nellemclaughlin said...

"There are pet custody fights for the animals that survived Katrina which were adopted after the hurricane. One guy had a chip in his dog and it was still adopted out.  GIVE THE PETS BACK you assholes." That was great! So true! I have call waiting with call waiting ID. This means that I can see who's calling on the second call. UNLESS it is a medical call or someone on the way to my home who might be lost, I do NOT take the second call. I have been on hold forever until I hung up with rude people. With one friend it was always her husband who had to call her every half hour. I finally stopped calling her altogether. Great post.

gdlywom said...

Hello, pretty lady!!!  Wow, you have an AWESOME sense of humor!  Congrats on being an editor's pick; I will definitely visit more often!!!! :-)


angrybuttonsrob said...

Just passing and saw`the light on...

swibirun said...

OK Mrs. L.......where is my daily laugh?????

Seriously, hope everything is ok and you are just busy being fed grapes and fanned by a concubine (sp?) of loin cloth wearing hot bodies......