Monday, July 10, 2006

Only in America

According to the morning news, some kid traded a paper clip all the way up to a three bedroom house.

Looking around my own home I would be willing to part with a jar of Skippy peanut butter for some Manolos.

And I'd happily relinquish two or three white plastic hangers for a BMW, with or without a year's worth of gas.

I'd even ratchet things up and swap my beloved Lava Lamp for a villa in Italy.

There's no reason why my Glide dental floss shouldn't be good for a set of patio furniture.

Now I wish I'd saved those record albums from the seventies. I could have opened a Hummer dealership with a couple of those.

Right this minute I'm hungry for some breakfast. I wonder if McDonald's would swap an empty toilet paper roll for some pancakes and sausage.

A cruise ship dinner on the lake is worth a rubberband or two, don't you think?


suzypwr said...

What do you think I can get for 100 empty cardboard boxes? How about a 19 year old cat?


screaminremo303 said...

Suz: Why would you want another old cat? Are you making a quilt?

I'll trade an autographed picture of Fred Ward for 40 acres in Colorado.

southernmush said...

Hi ! I am happy well actually I am filled with joy that I came upon your journal which certainly is interesting as well as funny. I found your entries delightful and well worth reading and laughing over as I was going through them. After reading all the horrible news in the paper and hearing all of the many terrible things going on in the world in Iraq and in the Middle East I was glad to have found your journal when I did a few minutes ago. Today I really needed a pick me up which just happened to come from your journal.

By the way I also keep a journal here at J-Land titled "Dear Diary" here is my link --------------->
Please feel free to drop in and say hello. I really am glad I found your journal your entries put a smile on my face and made me laugh so thanks. Take care and please keep writing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!