Saturday, July 22, 2006

Where Does It Go?

Okay IT people -- like there's any who read this journal.  Yesterday I worked eight hours writing stuff in a PowerPoint template sent to me in an email on AOL.  By 3:30 here was A LOT of work done.  And there was even more to do -- all for a 5:00 deadline. I manually saved as I went.  I just assumed it was all saving to the downloaded template.

When I thought I was done I clicked the X in the right hand corner of the PC I was using at the office where I was doing the work. 

Everything disappeared. 

No little message box asking if I wanted to save my changes.  Nothing.

Gone.  Pfffft.

Nobody could find the file anywhere.  The template I downloaded would come up as a blank.

The only place it might be is in my AOL downloads which I can check when I get home.  AOL on the internet doesn't give you that kind of access.

But do you know the feeling of losing EVERYTHING and knowing you have to go back and recreate it ALL -- AGAIN?

That's why I use a MAC.  They know that people like me are out there so I am instructed to take out my brain before I start and put it in the refrigerator during the time I'm working. That way nothing stupid can happen while I'm using the equipment. 

But a PC doesn't have failsafe backups like that.  They just let you think everything is fine and then they screw you when you aren't looking.  No kisses.  Nothing.



bgilmore725 said...

I've lost entries that took me more than hour to write, but not something that took 8 hours... they must have heard your cry of anguish for blocks around! I would have cried out and jumped up and down, for all the good it would do. I like the macs too... I've been told to get a mac laptop rather than a pc because of the programs already installed in the computer. So sorry this happened to you... I hope you found the downloads when you got home. bea

ladeeoftheworld said...

It's the worst feeling in the world.  Well, maybe not the worst.  Hmmm.

st0rmwhispers said...

ROFL...probably wasn't saved with a name you'd recognise...check your recent documents file.

Meanwhile you cracked me up big time with the brain in the refridge comment....I'm gonna use that sometime when I am instructing my friends....ROFLMAO

suzypwr said...

It's probably there under another name. If it didn't ask if you want to save changes, then probably you had already saved everything. I hope you find it!