Wednesday, August 30, 2006

And We Thought Islam Was Extreme

This just in.

The Vatican's Chief Exorcist has just announced that Hitler and Stalin were possessed by the devil.

Parchment at eleven.

Any news about those pedophile priests yet, Your Exorcist-ness?

Someone I know and respect who is Catholic suggested only yesterday that the church would probably sanction marriage for priests in the near future.

I told him I wouldn't hold my breath.

No doubt overcome by an ecumenical virus, he also felt that the time was coming when Christians would forget their differences to unite as one to overcome the influence of Islam.

Screw diversity, the game is ON.

In case anyone else thinks that the Vatican has entertained a notion of joining the twenty-first century, today's announcement from the Chief Exorcist should dispell any of those silly thoughts.

Because I was raised as an Episcopalian, which was horny Henry VIIIth's breakaway sect, I naively used to think that we basically had the same belief system as the Catholic Church.

Except, wait a minute, Episcopal priests can be married. They can be gay. They can be female. They can be gay AND female.  Women don't have to put bags over their heads, literally or figuratively, to buy birth control. Or suffer guilt for using it. Or confess to anyone about suffering guilt and for for using it. The Episcopal church took a pro-choice position on abortion. Nobody writes novels about the Episcopal church. Episcopalians don't have secret societies either, unless you count Skull and Bones.

That's just the superficial stuff. About the only thing the two have in common is celebrating Easter and Christmas on the same day.

Which brings me to Warren Jeffs, the polygamist Mormon cult leader who was just arrested and booked for forcing underage girls to marry older men. Way older men.  

Did John Marc Karr ever look into that group? He might have saved himself the airfare to Thailand.  

So many religions.  So little God.  


bosoxblue6993w said...

Hitler and Stalin possessed by Satan?    File that baby in the, 'NO SHIT, SERLOCK' drawer.

sdoscher458 said...

I believe Hitler was attempting to surpass Satan. You are right about so little God. Most religions are self serving...not for the good of mankind. Sandi

floralilia said...

parchment at eleven ....

spewing coffee...

you got that right, Mrs. L.

(and I can say that, because I am Catholic - well, okay, not a very consistent practicing catholic...but that kind of thing happens when people start thinking for themselves...)

ladeeoftheworld said...

Those wacky guys at the Vatican.  Every new announcement, proclamation, or dispensation makes my!

swibirun said...

If you are demonically possessed and a priest performs the Exorcism rite, has your soul been "repossessed"?

I need Red Bull or some coffee.....can you recommend any good coffee shops?  ha!