Friday, August 4, 2006

Cats or Dogs. Which One Would Jesus Choose?

One of the things that sophisticated bloggers [i.e, NEVER CAUGHT DEAD KEEPING A JOURNAL ON AOL] don't appreciate about AOL is the tireless work of our fearless and surely well paid blogmeister, John Scalzi, who makes a concerted weekly effort to keep members of J-Land entertained. [See By the Way in my Other Journals area].

Once again he reaches deep into his bucket of thought provoking topics to regale us amateurs [by World Wide Web standards] with yet another weekend assignment.

Today's conundrum is one of four [one of the remaining three is MINE] he chose from a bunch of subjects submitted by AOL journalers who were attempting to curry favor with management -- if being the social chairman on the cruiseship AOL qualifies as management. The other three will be presented each week during August. When it's my topic's turn, I'll be sure to let you know.

Matt Drudge [Drudge Report] and his ilk may have their cult followings, but have they ever written an original thought on the weekend about choosing between cats and dogs?  Of course not. They're too busy making the world safe for Donald Rumsfeld. 

The Scalzi Weekend Assignment is only one of the reasons we stick around here.

I'm sure there's another.

Weekend Assignment #123:  Dogs. Cats. There can be only one! Choose which you prefer and tell us why. No weaseling out, people -- you can't say "oh, I like them both." You must choose! Don't worry: In real life all the cats or dogs won't disappear if you choose the other species. Honestly, as long as you keep to food coming, everything will be groovy with your pets. So pick one, already. We promise we won't tell. And pets can't read.

Extra credit: Isn't it obvious? Cat pictures! Dog pictures! Go nuts!

The main reason I prefer cats over dogs is because cats don't need to be walked. They can also peep and poop without me having to make sure I see where stuff lands so I can clean up behind them.  And then transport their precious do-dahs in my pocket, albeit in a plastic bag.  Twice a day. In rain sleet or snow. I'm not that anal retentive.  Although I wish they were.

Not to mention that dogs always want treats and praise afterwards. Did widdle Sparky make a BIIIG poo today? Wadda goood boy!!!

I don't think so.

Cats, on the other hand, can be trained to use the toilet.  And flush it.  I've seen the videos on TV.

And they don't hump your leg. But those are the only reasons.

Pictures to come. Oh, wait, I'll post my picture of BEANS temporarily, while you wait for cutesy cat photos. 


mosie1944 said...

You just haven't met the RIGHT dog!

jevanslink said...

I love dogs.  I just don't like taking care of them.   Mrs. L

artloner said...


You are SUCH a cat person (without ANY doubt that you love dogs too...are you a Gemini?) ppffttt

I'd love to stay, but The Dog Whisperer is on Natl. Geo!

Love ya,


suzypwr said...

Molly read that. She wants you to know that she poops at least 3 times a day.

No more cats for me. The reason? Kitty litter. Besides, I have developed a serious allergy to cats. I used to be much more of a cat person than dog, though.


jevanslink said...

Andi -- not a Gemini.  Scorpio.  See my submarine entry.   Haaaaaa..  Mrs. L

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