Saturday, August 26, 2006

Is A Female Wanker a WANKETTE?

I usually keep a camera in my car. Just for moments like these  -- when I see a license plate that somehow eluded the eagle eyed license plate police who spend their lives preventing people from having plates that say PENIS or VAGINA or any of their many euphemisms. 

There is no comparable word in American English for the British word WANKER.  Maybe someone at the Department of Motor Vehicles thought it was a last name or something. Or some prisoner making plates slipped one by the guard. Like an incarcerated inner city gang member would have a clue what WANKER means.

Sorry, but I don't feel obligated to provide a definition. If you don't know, trust me, it's not ready for imprinting on a license plate. Look it up yourself. 


ksquester said...

ah ha!!!   very interesting!   Anne

ksquester said...

beats: 2pmpcmp         haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

colerainebhoy44 said...

Is there a DRAW BACK being a WANKER ?  

ladeeoftheworld said...

I love a Wankette Wannabe........

mombzbe said...

I love reading license plates too.

My most recent favorite was SHAG WGN.  Now, how on earth did that one get by?
Didn't anyone see Austin Powers?  lol