Monday, August 7, 2006

We're Number Two!!!

Here are the finalists [i.e. second place] in the 16 and under World Series held in Colorado a week or so ago. Not bad for a bunch of kids from my old high school outside Chicago, who played against all star teams from all over the country. Okay they also picked up four players from other schools, after the varsity coach took three of theirs for his summer team. That will happen when two varsity kids get kicked off the team for buying booze with a fake i.d.

Anywho, they lost the championship 2-0 to a great team from Texas with a fantastic pitcher. Not that I'm biased, but since the manager doesn't read my journal, I can feel free to say that I KNOW if he'd done a better job of coaching, they could have won. Seriously. I've watched them come back on their own from six and seven runs down in late innings. A little small ball.  Some bunts. Some steals. They coulda woulda shoulda won.

Next life I'm coming back as Billy Martin. 




suzypwr said...

I remember Billy Martin. Are you sure you want to be that short and get in fist fights in alleys in Detroit? He reminded me of a bantam.

Those boys look pretty big for 16 and under!


jevanslink said...

They're all going to be juniors in high school.  And yes, they are big.  The guy on the left is 6;5".  The guy in the catcher's gear is 6'3".  The shortest person in the picture is the coach of the team.  You almost can't see him in the second row.   Mrs. L

mombzbe said...

Are you sure those boys are 16 and under?  Holy cow, I'm staying away from the high schools.  

mombzbe said...

"...staying away from the high schools..."  (whoops left the next part out)

....because now I feel like a perv.