Saturday, September 23, 2006

Lessons From Lou

A lovely and very smart woman I used to work with has kept a journal I didn't know about. Her husband was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor about two years ago. A few months ago, she began to write down her thoughts and feelings about their journey together to the end of his life. Sadly, he died very recently. His death coincided with my discovery of what she has written -- a moving and beautiful testament to a very special marriage.

Even cynical me can appreciate that. Here is one of her early entries.

April 26, 2006

The Lessons

Oh yes....The Lessons. I meant to START with The Lessons......a friend said these are not lessons from "Lou's brain tumor"...they are lessons from Lou, lessons that have been there all along.....maybe I am just getting them now.....because of the brain tumor....? It is true. Before the brain tumor (that would be BBT), I don't think I "saw" everything, or "heard" everything that was going on around me...I"m quite sure I did not appreciate everything. That changed with the BT. I see alot now. I hear alot now. I get it now, I do. And I appreciate a heck of alot more now took THIS to make that happen? Talk about being in your own world...guess I was.... Lessons from Lou l. You can't do it alone. At some point, you gotta yell for help...the sooner, the better. 2. I can live without manicures, I CANNOT live without lattes. 3. Decorating really doesn't matter......the people in the place are what matters. 4. It's amazing how beautiful the sound of Lou's snoring is............... 5. One can live on grilled cheese and tomato sandwiches for quite awhile, especially if on whole grain bread......... 6. Your children are so much more incredible then you ever could have imagined......... 7. Your friends and family are so much more incredible then you ever could have imagined! 8. Doctors do it for a living, patients do it for life. There's a difference. Bother the doctors as much as you need to. 9. No matter how bad you think you have it, someone else really DOES have it worse. 10. God DOES answer prayers, just not always as you might like. 11. Some people just don't get it. 12. Waterproof mascara. Nuff said. 13. If you make the moments count, you will not have to worry about making memories 14. Always say "I love You" 15. There is usually an up after a down, sometimes it just takes awhile 16. Elastic waistbands really are ok......... 17. your friends don't care if you are wearing your pj's..... 18. This is NOT like Lance Armstrong. 19. This is NOT like Tuesdays with Morrie 20. Make sure you know where the lock box key is. 21. Staying home with someone you love can be fun 22. Stacks are better then one big pile.... 23. If you look hard enough, you will find the good in most things.............. 24. At some point, you just gotta laugh. 25. Champagne never hurts 26. Never take your blood pressure after watching the news 27. Pita chips are NOT a diet food 28. Be nice to the nurse who draws blood 29. It's better to go out in a wheelchair then not to go out at all 30. The best anniversary gift is.....having an anniversary. We celebrated our 25th on April 11.......that was the best gift ever! More to come, Cath


mosie1944 said...

Thanks, I read a few very touching, well-written entries.  I went back to some entries where he was still alive.  Wow.

ladeeoftheworld said...

Thanks for the link.  So sad.  The cycle of life..............

sdoscher458 said...

She has poured her heart into that journal, very poignant. True love never takes the easy path, it is always there when times are bad....she seems like a sweet lady and I wish her well...Sandi