Friday, September 22, 2006

Smiles All Around

My daughter and her husband [my SON-in-law] at one of the parties over the weekend following their wedding. I've never seen two people so happy to be married. 


screaminremo303 said...

Yeah, he's happy. I remember that deer-in-the-headlights look. For his sake, I hope he doesn't realize the "headlights" come in the form of a Mack truck bearing down on him at 80 mph. He just got life with no possibility of time-off for good behavior.

"Dead Man Walking!"

gaboatman said...

Mrs. L
As a contrast to Screamin Remo, I can see that they are a very happy couple experiencing a very happy time in their life.  Let us not expose them to Remo's realities.  At least not until the honeymoon is over!  Great PIC, btw!

suzypwr said...

They will get over it. (just kidding!)


onmiownnow2 said...

LOL to Remo.  They do look happy.  All the best to them!  Lisa

sdoscher458 said...

They make a nice couple, your daughter is very pretty.  Even at our age I can remember the feeling of being in love, with all the future to come...I know I smiled too.   Sandi

emmapeeldallas said...

They're beautiful (yep, both of 'em).



bluwave9 said...

I was genuinely happy to read about your daughter's wedding.  You know, I hate getting sappy.

But, awwwwwww :)

mombzbe said...

Someone tell Remo that looking insanely happy doesn't mean one IS insane.

They look great~~and it is nice to see a happy couple.  :D