Wednesday, September 20, 2006

VIVI Nominations

I'm not providing any links here, but if you are interested in the the VIVI nominations, click on DOCK LINES over in my other journals.  He's got a ton of links so you can read some of the journals that people think are worthy of nomination come October. 

I've read a few.

Once you get past the bad spelling and horrendous grammar, most are quite boring actually. 


mosie1944 said...


bosoxblue6993w said...

the nominations are now open for 'JOURNAL MOST LIKELY TO COMPEL YOU TO STEP IN FRONT OF A BUS'

emmapeeldallas said...

You deserved yours, which is more than I can say for most of them last year, and probably this year even moreso.  Oh well.


gaboatman said...

Mrs L
Thanks for the plug, I think, LOL.  There are a few gems to be discovered, honest!

xzasporated1 said...

I think I'll skip the links and just nominate Sam, whom I adore.

~~ jennifer

rebuketheworld said...

OK, your too honest,,,I laughed,,I love in your face honesty. I wanted to say hello. I try to browse the journals once a few months, nice to meet another radically honest one, Take Care, Raven

armandt said...

Bosox may be on to something there.  I'm not looking up this years categories, but I'd like to know if there's going to be a category for "Service Provider Most Likely to Ambush their Customers."  After all, I think it's important that the Journalistas give back to their community.  Why not give the finger back to AOL?!

And... a quote that relates to your insight regarding the ... quality ... of some of the nominated Journals:

"Typos are very important to all written form. It gives the reader something to look for so they aren't distracted by the total lack of content in your writing."

- Randy K. Milholland, Something Positive Comic, 07-03-05

I hope this finds you well ~ and congrats to your Daughter and SIL!

~ Armand