Saturday, September 2, 2006

Mrs. Linklater and the Barista--Round Three

No, I'm not going to continue this YOU SAID-OH NO I DIDN'T thing anymore.

For three reasons:

First it's getting boring.

Second, this "dialogue" all started when one of the Starbucks baristas thought I called all of them slackers. 

I went back to re-read what I wrote and noticed I actually didn't call them slackers, I called them "slacker wannabes."  A slacker wannabe is someone who still lives at home but has to work because Mom and Dad need the couch.

Third, it has become apparent that at its core, this spew has nothing to do with me.

I know, you were hoping I'd bring out the REALLY big guns.  But, in the end, it's no fun against an unarmed person.


stardustxsiren said...

Well, at least you learned where the apostrophe goes.

rollinghillsides said...

"Touche" I say.   Thank goodness, it looks like an end is in sight!  

fullgl said...

I admit, I am a barista, and my job is literally pouring liquids from one container to another. But I take quite a bit of pride in the fact that I do my slacker job well. I spend a lot of time working on my coffee making skill and ensuring that the products I give to the customers are fresh and of a high quality. I have a degree from a good university (maybe not a great one) but Starbucks affords me a lifestyle where I can work a fairly difficulty free job and go to grad school at the same time. It's a pretty fantastic place to be. I love my customers even though I work in an area near Hollywood where the people enjoy challenging the baristas with complicated drinks. I remember most (if not all) my regular customers if not by name, by drink and they appreciate it. The one thing that makes my job aggrivating at times is when customers don't take the time to appreciate the job I am doing. I smile and say "Of course, have a great day" when customers confirm with me for the fourth time that their precious frappuccino is decaf.

And on the topic of unionization, I think it's ridiculous for baristas to want to unionize. It's food service. We already get fantastic benefits and competitive pay for a so-called "unskilled" position.

jevanslink said...

Regarding de-caf.  Caffeine can cause a sensitive person's heart to beat so fast that it is no longer pumping effectively.  This causes a sudden black out.  If the rhythm isn't re-established quickly enough, they die.

Too many food servers think requesting de-caf is about not having a sleepless night. At one web site there were servers who prided themselves on serving caffeinated coffee to people who requested de-caf.

So be patient with people who keep checking to see if they're getting de-caf.  They've clearly been ignored in the past.  And you have no idea how close to the edge they may be cutting things just to get their coffee fix.  

Especially since Starbuck's de-caf has more caffeine than most other de-cafs.

Mrs. L

witstar2 said...

For the record, I'd like to state that I am not an employee of Starbucks and only an occasional patron.  I am looking at these entries, comments and rebuttals with a broad eye and a deeper sense of what is really being conveyed by the words and opinions being put forth, in other words, the writer's innate character shining through.  With that said...

The root of this issue is the degrading, narrow-minded bashing of a company and it's employees (even delving into and bashing all 'minor employment' individuals) and the lack of wisdom, character and basic respect for people that the journal writer has blatantly displayed in this case.  Her further words on the subject simply continued to prove those points.  

The clear winner in this unmatched battle is the barista...who replied with facts, personal knowledge, an open mind, respect, character and tact (even the barista's digs were tactfully and humorously presented) which easily made apparent the journal writer's substantial lack of those same qualities.

I fully respect and agree with the barista's opinions and arguments in this case.

ber144 said...

You know what?  This is BS.  Last I checked, this is Mrs. L's journal, and while her opinions tend to tilt towards the strong side of the spectrum, she can write what she wants.  If you disagree with it that much (and my God, ya think she called for the death of all baristas or something) why are you reading it?  I think it's pretty tacky to come here and personally attack her.  The last comment by witstar2 crossed the line.  Her original post on this matter attacked no one.  A few of you need to get a grip.

And yeah, I know, she doesn't need me or anyone else to ride in to her rescue.  She can delete this comment if she wants.

jevanslink said...

It really means something in my book when a Cubs fan steps up to the plate to defend a White Sox fan.  Thanks.  

Mrs. L

thisismary said...

" ... with a broad eye and a deeper sense of what is really being conveyed by the words and opinions being put forth, in other words, the writer's innate character shining through.  With that said... " witstar2

Spittake. cough, cough. Snerk. cough. Bwa-Ha-ha-HA-ha-ha-HA!  

ber144 said...

And I could not resist:

swibirun said...

I would stand up in Mrs. L's defense except 1) she doesn't need my help and 2) it would be obvious to everyone, including my wife, that I am in a tryst w/ Mrs. L and Screaming Remo.  We just can't have that.......

he he he....hey, don't blame me....someone had to lighten the mood in here:)


mombzbe said...

Goodness.  I leave the place for a week, and I come back and there's a dead body floating in the