Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Dead Cat Update

Tonight when I got out of my car I heard a cat meow at me.  I called the neighbor from two doors down and we rescued my other neighbor's kitty from the crawl space above my garage. 

He's back in his home, eating like a pig, instead of frozen and dead.



screaminremo303 said...

"I'm not dead yet!"

Monty Python would be proud.

ladeeoftheworld said...

Yes!  Yes!  The cat survives......I'm so glad.   No creature should die when it's so cold.

ksquester said...

Who knew?.........you AND the tin man!   Dorothy

salemslot9 said...


suzypwr said...

He will be back, if he thinks you saved him. Cats are funny like that. Then he will bring you gifts. If he isn't really a he, you will be given a nice litter of kittens. Otherwise, it's dead mice, etc.....Meow.


alphawoman1 said...

Been there...my cat was lost and Bridget (my daughter) was distraught (she was about 12 at the time). He had gotten himself locked up in the garage next door. He was lost for about two days and we got worried. "Wild Thing! Wild Thing" (I kid you not, I can't remember why she named him that) we went up and down the street. I though I heard a faint "Meow" from the next door garage and we went and investigated. There...sticking out between the two doors was a little paw. We managed to hold the doors open enough for him to strut out and give us the look. It's been while since I thought about Wild Thing. My one and only cat. He was a good cat.