Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Dead Flag at Chase Bank Update

Holy red white and blue!!  The torn and tattered flag was still flying when I drove by on my way home tonight.

I will soon post a phone number that I encourage you to call to tell those jerks to take the flag down, retire it properly and hang up a new one.

Tomorrow morning I'll also get a picture of the rag that's flying there now.

I smell a chance to make Chase look like a bunch of assheads. Who could pass up such a great opportunity?


ladeeoftheworld said...

Do it.  Take the picture.

meforevermore said...

I'll call! :o)

And I'd have no problem helping you make them look bad either. In fact, I'd delight in it.


lanurseprn said...

I'd email the picture to the local paper.  See what happens.

suzypwr said...

Dead cats, dead flags....I see a pattern here.