Tuesday, December 26, 2006

It's The Thought That Counts

So far, I have given wine to a couple that has stopped drinking.  I gave books for five year old kids to a kid who's eight.

I presented a gift certificate that included an expensive pedicure to someone who doesn't like her feet touched.  

I bought candy for someone who announced right before opening her gift that she has decided not to eat candy ever again.

I received some gorgeous gloves that are just a bit too tight for the blood to continue flowing to my fingers.  I also got a lovely flowering plant that I accidentally left in the car to freeze last night.

On the other end of the spectrum, I sent some holiday flowers to a favorite aunt who called to say she not only got a poinsettia, but a huge centerpiece and a windowbox with three plants also arrived. That may explain why the bill seemed high.

Blockbuster had some sales on DVD's, so after getting gift cards for family, I got myself Capote, A History of Violence, Munich, and Syriana for a total of $19.00.  And I got to watch them all warm and fuzzy wrapped in a comforter.

I stopped by a friend's house to give them a bottle of Starbuck's coffee liqueur I promised to buy them.  As I was leaving, they unexpectedly gave me a present too. It was a box wrapped in lovely silver paper. I decided not to open it up until Christmas. Inside was a bottle of Starbuck's coffee liqueur.

My neighbor from across the street left me a delicious Christmas coffee cake -- a pecan kringle from Wisconsin. On Christmas Eve, I gave the leftover bag of cat food to my next door neighbor -- the one whose cat took refuge in my garage when they left him outside in a snowstorm. Whaddya gonna do? Their airport cab arrived to take them on an eight day trip to DisneyWorld and the cat didn't know.

I don't usually tip hair and mani people anything extra during the holidays because I tip very well throughout the year, but I gave my postman a huge tip because he organizes all my mail for me, separating the junk from the magazines, from the personal, from the bills.

I even tipped a gas station guy who came out of his warm sanctuary and started the pump for me when I was all dressed up, without being asked. Even better, he was completely surprised and couldn't have been more gracious when I gave it to him.

All this talk about the holidays makes me realize I haven't had any egg nog yet.  Just the thought is enough to line my arteries with a year's worth of cholesterol. Even so, the thought isn't enough. I gotta have one glass.    


mosie1944 said...

Thanks for reminding me why I got out of the "present trap".

ladeeoftheworld said...

It's hard to know where to draw that special gift giving line.  For that very reason I try to avoid as many humans as possible during the holidays.

screaminremo303 said...

Next year, I'm filling a barf bag with $25 gift cards to assorted merchants and everyone has to stick their hand in and pull out a mystery card. Merry Christmas to you and yours from Lube 'N Tune.

ksquester said...

Only have ONE glass, sounds like you are getting ready to run for office.  Your platform?  I think it's going to be "old glory!"    Anne

suzypwr said...

If you send me chocolate, I promise not to quit eating it, OK?

Merry Christmas, just a little late!


mombzbe said...

Have some of your Nutella Milanos with that, and your arteries will definately be taken care of.

It is the thought that counts.
My favorite gifts this year are the MOM bookmark Ryan got me and a mug that Ben wrote all over proclaiming I am #1.  

#1 at what, I have no idea. :p