Friday, December 15, 2006

Mrs. Linklater Attempts Cookies for Christmas

Mrs. Linklater's Holiday Cookie Recipe:


1. Purchase several packages of Pepperidge Farm Cookies although almost any brand can be used.

Shortbread and Chessman versions are good, but anything with a surface you can spread stuff on top of will do.

2. Obtain one or more jars of Nutella hazelnut chocolate spread. Costco sometimes has the giant double jars.

3. A clean knife.

Directions for use:
Spread Nutella over one side of a cookie. Two sides if you don't care about getting it on your fingers. Roll in red and green sprinkles if you're alone.


Lick knife. 


meforevermore said...

Yummy. I think I need to print this one out. :o)


ladeeoftheworld said...

Mexican wedding cakes, without the powdered sugar.....they come out at the holidays.  I forget who makes them, or what they're called exactly, but they're SO good.  Arrange on a festive plate.....and WAH-LA!  Homemade.

cberes1 said...

Oh wow, thanks for the recipe!  My kids grew up thinking the refrigerated cookie dough was homemade, they would love this.  Look out Martha Stewart.

thisismary said...

Nutella is wonderful.  I just spoon it straight from the jar.  Sigh.

In my defense, last week I made my second batch of fruitcake.  I ate the whole first batch for breakfasts in November.  

Aside, I should have just ordered from from the Collins Street Bakery of Corsicana Texas.  Even better than mine and they come in a festive tin.

Is Mrs. L. a fruitcake fan?

mombzbe said...

Mmm Nutella.....

Good idea.  I'll wish I'd remembered this entry next time I am up in the middle of the night, covered in flour and colored sugars, kicking myself for not cheating with the Pillsbury Dough Boy.

(I hear he gives good rise.)

suzypwr said...

Shouldn't you at least turn the oven on to warm up the kitchen?