Saturday, January 27, 2007

My Idea of a Good Time

It wasn't too long ago, okay almost twenty years, when my idea of a good time might also include flying to LA for some art thing on Rodeo Drive, dancing till the wee hours with Willi Ninja, the irrespressible, recently deceased vogue star of the documentary Paris is Burning, while the short guy from Bonnie and Clyde entertained notions of hooking up with me later. Haaaaa.

Not so much anymore. Not at all anymore. Maybe because I remember those days, being sober and all. Maybe because I can no longer pass the physical. 

Now my idea of a good time doesn't require plane rides, new outfits, extra makeup, or waxing.

Instead, I will be cat-sitting during the next three weeks for a member of my family who is going on a cruise. Last night we had dinner at a local Asian spot to discuss my responsibilities. Over egg foo young and chicken with black mushrooms and peas, she gave me the lowdown on what to expect.

There are two kitties. I know them well from years of visiting them on weekends and holidays. Mrs. Farley is a beautiful, classic Maine Coon cat, very long of leg and body, tall, regal, and stand-offish. With a gorgeous, boa-length tail. Douglas, her companion, is supposed to be a Maine Coon cat too, but his tail is woefully short for the breed, and unlike Mrs. Farley who is slim and trim, Dougie's shape could only be described as round.  He's also funny in a cat sort of way and, unlike most Maine Coon felines, he's actually very friendly. He even loves to have his belly scratched. Not Mrs. Farley. She can't be bothered. Or, more accurately, won't allow it.

Anyway, in lieu of a social life, despite being asked on a date for the end of February [at my age I need the extra time to get ready], I will be spending the next few weeks hanging with the fur balls, feeding them Fancy Feast twice a day and cleaning their kitty litter. 

They in turn will let me share the queen size bed they sleep on and let me have part of their couch for watching TV. Did I mention the freezer will be well stocked? And there's cable.

My dance card is full.


ber144 said...

We've got three of them here.  Bring 'em over for a playdate.

mutualaide said...

Sounds like a perfect winter get-a-way.  Even if -- it's only down the block or around a corner, or heck the next county over!

screaminremo303 said...

Meet Mrs. L - AOL Journals version of the crazy old cat-woman.

I have some leftover rope if you see the need.

ladeeoftheworld said...

Actually, I am finding myself quite envious of you.

gaboatman said...

Mrs. L
You really do know how to have a good time!

thisismary said...

Ah, well then, it was not your kin that donated a pregnant tortise shell colored kitty to my collection this week.  Sigh.  She is a beauty though.

That said, a full freezer and only cats to entertain?  Sounds like heaven to me! Cats understand that grooming takes time and they are delighted to eat out of cans.   :-)

swibirun said... aren't turning into a cat lady, are you:)

Have a great weekend!

cberes1 said...

Mrs. L,

This, too, is my idea of a good time ever since we got our two kitties in September.  Enjoy!