Tuesday, January 23, 2007

A Lovely Lady Is In The Hospital

Back when AOL journals was a kinder, gentler, more friendly place, punctuated with laughter and camaraderie, a real community of disparate people who hung together with humor and a common interest, I discovered an inspirational journal, called A Pennie's Worth.  For some reason I have never posted a link, but her journal was on my alerts.  She has been hospitalized and will have brain surgery tomorrow.

I hope she survives this setback, which wouldn't be the first she has overcome.  She is a wonderful teller of true tales. And travails. About Her life. Her loves. Her children and grandchildren.

Here's the URL for her journal:  http://journals.aol.com/blondepennierae/APenniesWorth/  

I would create a link, but I don't have access to Firefox so I will have to do that later. Next year.


mutualaide said...

I think we are all a bit stunned by this news.  And praying, praying, praying.

pattboy92 said...

Your first sentence describes the situation quite well.

Thanks for pointing me in Pennie's direction.  I'm not sure how I managed never to have posted a link to her journal before, either, though I've definitely read her journal before.

Her story of survival is an amazing one.  I'm hoping this will be another victory for an incredibly tough lady.