Sunday, January 21, 2007

Why the Saints Lost

You could say the Saints lost because of turnovers, or you could say it was because dome teams have been 0 and 9 since 1970 in outdoor championship games.  You could also point out that no team behind more than eight points at halftime has ever won, blah blah blah, but here are the real reasons the Saints lost:

The Sports Illustrated jinx.  As soon as I saw that New Orleans was on the cover this week, I knew they were going to lose. San Diego was featured the week before in case you're wondering.

However, the real reason I think they lost was the color of their jerseys -- wussy white.  The Bears wore very dark blue.  No way New Orleans could beat them.

As for the game on right now between the Colts and the Patriots.  The Colts should win because they're wearing the darker jerseys.  But I don't think they're dark enough, so I have some concern for the outcome. Jerseys have to be dark enough to pass for black and theirs aren't, I'm afraid. So, it could be anyone's game. 

I'm getting good at this prognostication b.s.


ladeeoftheworld said...

Go Bears.  Please God, save my Colts.

screaminremo303 said...

Bears. Colts/Patriots. Ho-hum.

The Super Bowel is in Miami this year, right? Take Tony Montana in a shootout.

cberes1 said...

I'm just wondering ......both teams wear dark jerseys to the super what Mrs. Linklater?

rgossett4195 said...

I wanted the Saints to win because of my boy Drew...followed him from his Purdue days.  :( but it wasn't meant to be.   Now I am stuck looking at overweight bus drivers wearing Urlacker jerseys.  My boss had on Butkis.  The people down the street dressed their law ornaments in orange in blue....rose~