Saturday, February 24, 2007

Reflections on a Misspent Life

Here's the thing about spending last week in LA:  From the mild weather, save for the occasional mud slide, raging fire, or earthquake, to the exotic flora, most of which have been trucked in, including the palm trees, to the plethora of certified organic, all natural comestibles [no Wonder Bread in that town]  to the astonishing age of the Mercedes Benz sedans that stop next to you at a light -- fifty years is not out of the question -- to the view of Catalina Island which appears after rain washes away the smog, to the blue sky and bright whiteness of the sunshine in the rigor mortis of winter, even to the number of enterprising homeless people who travel the sidewalks with their possessions in grocery carts, and finally to getting on a plane and heading home, only one question comes to mind -- why did I decide to live in Chicago in the first place?

Really.  This place gives January, February and March a bad name.



suzypwr said...

Don't forget November, December, and April.


lanurseprn said...

Your description of LA is right on....and it made me laugh!

screaminremo303 said...

LA is the new NYC. San Diego is the new Chicago, minus the portly guys with glasses and moustaches. Everything of age looks better in the light of a warm winter day in California. It's like putting gauze over the lens of a community, but with union grips.

psychfun said...

Girl you better stay there! We are under another winter warning. It has been raining, sleeting, freezing rain & snowing all day...basically it is horrible! Winds 40mph! I'm soo ready for spring! I like the white fluffy stuff but this stuff is just not fun!

onemoretina said...

    Yup, there are wildfires, mudslides, torrential rains, smog, riots ... and an occasional earthquake or two.  Not to mention the horrendous cost of living in So Cal.  But at the end of the day, it all comes down to the weather.  I do miss the seasons, but right now I am looking out my office window at clear blue skies and temps in the low seventies ... in February.  I'm home for good this time.   Tina