Monday, February 26, 2007

Six Degrees of Michael Keaton

I figure it's only a matter of time before I bump into Michael Keaton, the star of Mr. Mom, Multiplicity, Beetlejuice, and a slew of other light-ish comedic films. He also had one of those lo-o-o-o-ongterm relationships with what's her face from Friends who ended up married to David Arquette. Courtenay Cox.  Or however it's spelled.

Anyway, several years ago a screenwriter I'm related to told me a story about his experience with Michael Keaton, which ended badly from the screenwriter's point of view.  Let's just say he thinks Mr. Keaton owes him a boatload o' dough for a script.  That by itself, in the six degrees of Kevin Bacon world we all live in qualifies as a mere couple of degrees of separation between me and Michael Keaton.

Fast forward a few years to a good friend who now lives right outside Bozeman, Montana.  She's out driving around somebody's back forty when a bunch of cows decides to cross the road and she's stuck waiting for them to saunter from one side to the other.  So is someone else in a big red Dodge pick up.  They get to chatting and he introduces himself -- I'm Mike, by the way.

Michael Keaton.  Driving around looking for some property to buy.  

Another two degrees of separation. A small cosmic moment.

Fast forward to just a couple of weeks ago in a building where I do a lot of editing.  Lots of movies and tv shows that are being made in Chicago set up shop in this building for the duration of the shoot.  Prison Break is the one name you might know.

Recently another movie crew moved in on the floor below.  They've got a month or two of location shooting to do. According to my source, who is working as a local producer for the group, the director and star of the picture is, you guessed it, Michael Keaton.  

Up until this point he's been geographically separated by a lot more than six degrees.  Now, working in the same building, the degree of separation is close to zero. I'm beginning to think that me n' Mike are destined to meet one of these days.  Not that I've been rehearsing what I'm going to say or anything.  "Yeah, hiya," comes to mind.  

Hearing that he's not only in Chicago, but in the same building I often frequent, I thought my chances might be good to run into the guy on the elevator. But, I've been told he always takes the stairs.

Then, yesterday, while relating this story to a friend, I was told he had just seen Mike [I think I can call him Mike] at a sporting goods store the day before.  

It's not like I've had a crush on the guy or anything.   He's enough younger and shorter to preclude that. Not to mention I don't think we travel in the same circles. Although those circles seem to be getting smaller.

Frankly, I feel like I'm being stalked. The guy is hanging around the perimeter of my life a lot these past few years.

Should I be on the safe side and get a restraining order?


frankandmary said...

My dad met someone famous a few years back at a house party.  He was not impressed.  He wandered over to the buffet & told the woman that politely handed him a plate(she just happened to be the famous man's wife):  He is short & fat in person. Not funny like they say, just mean.  I hear his wife is ugly. I don't think she is here.  She responded: Oh, yes. She is.

hewasolddog299 said...

Dear Mrs. L,
I want some of whatever you're smoking...

screaminremo303 said...

I know why Keaton stays out of elevators. I saw Fatal Attraction. Isn't your hair still permed???

ladeeoftheworld said...

I was stalked once.....before it was called "stalking"......but he sure didn't look like Michael Keaton.  My life sucks.

cberes1 said...

I think he's cute.  Who cares about age or height.  He's obviously after you.  Plant yourself at the foot of the stairs.

psychfun said...

I would sure get an order for restraints...he can restrain me anytime! Wink, Wink!

gaboatman said...

Hmm, sounds like you will be taking the stairs for a while, LOL.

salemslot9 said...

(sings and dances) I'll eat anything you want me to eat and I'll swallow anything you want me to swallow. (stops dancing) So come down I'll…chew on a dog. (howls)
my favorite line from Beetlejuice :)

mombzbe said...

"I'm feeling kind of....anxious."
My favorite line from Beetlejuice.  I love that movie.  

However, I remember one early morning, Ben was days old, I was up doing baby duty and "Speechless" that movie he was in with Geena Davis, was on.  I had a soft spot for him for months after that....

I don't think you'd need a restraining order, Mrs L.  You could take him, tough girl.