Friday, March 23, 2007

The Mike Rowe Thing

Anna, over at La Vida Mommy [see Other Journals for a link] just wrote an entire entry about Mike Rowe, the Dirty Jobs guy. It was as close to porn as you can get without having your entire journal removed.

With all due respect to her obsession, I wish she hadn't let the cat out of the bag. Or the kielbasa out of his jeans. Now everybody's going to check him out. And she and I won't have him to ourselves anymore.

Okay there are a couple of other women who have discovered Mike Rowe, too. All you have to do is google his name to read blog entry after embarrassing blog entry of women confessing to their crushes on the guy. He's also managed to capture the hearts and minds of the male population. He has that kind of ecumenical appeal.

The men like him because they are all into the dirty stuff he's cleaning up. For them it's a job thing. The good feeling of getting dirt under your nails when you work hard.

The women, on the other hand, are all into the hard abs lurking under his soon to be filthy t-shirt. The hard, uh, muscles in his jeans. The hard job of cleaning him up afterward. [You're not the only one, Anna.] 

And how easy it is to listen to his voice and look at that Marlboro Man face.

For me, his voice may be his best asset. It's as important as his self-deprecating sense of humor. And way ahead of anything else.

There was a time when I would have listed the sound of a guy's voice at the bottom of my favorite man things. It's just something I took for granted.

Until one fateful day.

I was flying back from St. Louis one afternoon when I noticed a tall, handsome guy checking out the departure screens at the same gate. Boy is he goodlooking I thought. At least 6'3" and slim and trim in his striped suit. Nice, shiny black hair. Hmmmm, de-lish. Wait a minute, he might be on my flight. Who do I have to kill to sit next to him?

The plane was going to be crowded. It was the end of the day, and everybody wanted to get home for dinner. When they called the flight I got to get on early because I was in first class for some reason. I noted the row I was in and took my seat on the aisle, since that is where I usually sit on a plane.

After settling in, I started reading, oblivious to the other passengers who were boarding. Then someone stopped at my row. I looked up and it was that tall dark and handsome man. Oh, be still my beating heart. He smiled, revealing bright white perfect tetth. Then he said something that took by breath away, "I think you're in my seat." 

I was stunned. Shocked even. No, not by what he said, but by the sound of his high pitched squeaky voice. ACK. It didn't match the rest of him. It belonged on Arnold Stang or Don Knotts. I mumbled something and moved over to the window seat.

He sat down next to me and settled in. I could feel him looking at me, but I couldn't look back. I looked out the window instead. I was so worried he might say something else to me. And I might laugh. So I didn't want to encourage him.

I should have been thrilled. What are the chances of the only goodlooking guy on the plane sitting next to me?  But I had been struck dumb by the sound of his weird, cartoony voice. It erased all of his attractiveness. I didn't say another word to him for the entire ride.

I never realized how much a person's voice can affect you. Since then, I've had men friends tell me that the first thing they noticed and liked about their wives was the sound of their voices.

I remember noticing Mike Rowe's voice before anything else. That's because I wasn't even in the room the first time I heard him speak. But I had to see what that rich, mellodious sound was attached to. 

And I was hooked. 


mombzbe said...

I adore his self-deprecating sense of humor as well, Mrs L.  Ya gotta love a man that can make you laugh.
I liked his voice first too (good God, why else would anyone watch "Deadliest Catch?"), even though I have moved on to a total appreciation of his...physical attributes.

I was at work a couple of Saturdays ago, and one of the guys had a cold.  We were teasing him about "voice changing....again?"  when he pointed out, in his nice Russian accent, that deep voices are a indication of high testosterone levels.    

I don't know about that, but I snap to attention every time I hear one.
P.S.  I haven't really let the kielbasa out of his jeans--he's doing Ford commercials now, have you seen them???

therealstephhull said...

ACK! You ladies are getting me in trouble! lol I must be completely transparent or something, because EVERY time I am reading something about this man Matt (my fiance) walks through the room and says something like "Wipe that grin off your face. AND QUIT READING ABOUT MIKE ROWE!! How does he know. Oh, maybe it's the drool that gives me away! lol lol lol

screaminremo303 said...

Yup, Mike is the man. Now go find a towel or something.

stupidsheetguy said...

Aww, someone is crushing a little perhaps? Dang, I got the voice, gotta work on the abs I guess :)

lacaza3 said...

I noticed him when he first started the dirty jobs thing. I thought he was good looking but his personailty made him even better looking..Funny and silly and buff..
Donna In TEXaS

swibirun said...

Trevor loves Dirty Jobs.  I can take it or leave it.  I do like his narration of Deadliest Catch.

Our favorite show is Mythbusters.  The science, pop culture, and humor of that show cracks Alexis and I up!  The hosts are paired against each other quite well.

What?  Don Knotts doesn't/didn't have a sexy voice?  Can you imagine him paired opposite of James Earl Jones in a scene?  That would be priceless!

Have a great weekend!

swibirun said...

Just watching Mike Rowe on the highlights of Deadliest Catch: Season II highlights and I just had a thought......

Doesn't he kind of look like Jim Varney?  (aka Ernest)

beej17 said...

Come on ladies!!!  Mike Rowe, 45, single, former opera singer, lives in San Francisco, mentions his mom on his show constantly.   He's batting for the other team.  If you're going to swoon, then do it for a guy that wants to be with women.  I'm sure he would find you all very nice ladies, but not hot, not desirable, not marriage material, not even a roll in the hay material.  Why waste your time.