Thursday, March 22, 2007

Tara Connor, Miss Re-Hab USA

Tara Connor, the reigning MISS USA that THE DONALD sent to rehab, did an interview the other day where she revealed that she had been sexually abused. Not that her drunken, druggie, and indiscreet behaviors weren't already an indication of an unfortunate past. And don't get me started on her tattoos.

Strippers, prostitutes, beauty queens and lesbians I have known seem to include more than their share of sexual abuse survivors among them. But Mrs. Linklater is not about to launch into one of her usual rants about any of that. She's still shaking her head about something Tara said.

During the interview that Mrs. L watched, Tara was asked what this last year has been like for her, considering that she almost lost her crown, had to go into re-hab, and told the world about the feeling of shame she carried from childhood.

Luckily THE DONALD has a heart of gold lame. And gave her a second chance. It couldn't possibly be because he has a soft spot or a hard-on for goodlooking women. Tara is very pretty, in a pornographic pet kind of way.

To refresh your memory about how lucky Tara is, another bad girl in the Miss USA contest did not fare nearly as well. Miss Nevada was dumped without so much as a pat on the ass when they found her "naughty" pictures on the internet. The ones I saw were pretty tame as nasty pictures go. Girls kissing girls. Thong shots. Stuff you see in high school yearbooks these days.

The poor girl claims that she and her friends were just having fun when they took the photos. But apparently Miss Nevada didn't have Tara's special charisma. Or other charms that only THE DONALD may be aware of. After her fall from grace, the future, um, Las Vegas professional did get fifteen minutes to whine about her unjust treatment with Dr. Phil on national TV. In an outfit that barely covered the mole on her inner thigh.

Anyway, after Tara was asked how to sum up her year, she took a deep breath and said she could sum it up in ONE WORD:"

"Life altering."

Ooops, wait a sec, Tara, isn't that TWO WORDS?

Even if you hyphenate them, you've still got two words. And, by the way, the only way LIFE and ALTERING appear the dictionaries I checked is separately. Not together. Not hyphenated.

Not like the one word you could use to describe THE DONALD:

Combover. Okay, comb-over.


mosie1944 said...

Great entry!  I'm laughing.

screaminremo303 said...

The thing I find interesting? The fact that if she wasn't trying to be MISS USA, all of her behaviors would be "celebrated" the same way the media reports on Whitney, Britney, Anna Nicole or any of the other slut-tramp-whores that get famous for being a drugging drunken horn-dog. She made the mistake of trying to win a contest that reportedly promotes virginal virtues and ended up as the guest-of-honor at a Mayan altar. I just hope her claims of sexual abuse aren't a manufactured PR tool. It seems a little easy and all too predictable. It would do a horrible disservice to the legitimate victims of abuse for her to foist her fame using a bogus alibi.

She has tattoos?

ksquester said...

Oh come on, do a "THE DONALD" entry.  Please????   I caught that one word answer too.  I thought to myself, "I'm not a great speller, but isn't life altering, two words?"  BTW, I think you know that people who do have sucessful treatment do NOT talk about it in public.  Guess she's going to pose for Playboy now.   Anne

gaboatman said...

Mrs. L
I saw the same interview and noticed the two word one word answer, too.  This is a role model?  She's pretty, but hey, not THAT pretty, LOL.

suzypwr said...

I think it could be written as life-altering year, but even so - yes, two words! Dumb as a brick.


mombzbe said...

"...heart of gold lame."  LOL
That is the most apt description of THE DONALD yet.