Sunday, January 23, 2005


Mrs. Linklater would like to remind her readers of the first rule of making predictions -- don't do it in public.

Let's start with her biggest embarrassment. She predicted that Pissburg would win the Super Bowl. No, she's not alone. But, let's face it, apparently that was just a bad case of wishful thinking.

She just wanted a feel good story about a rookie from a small school in Ohio winning it all. And she stuck to her guns even when she realized that the Patriots seem to be the best coached team in either league. 

She predicted Atlanta would beat the Eagles. For a good reason, like they have a better defense or offense?  No. Sadly, because she thinks Michael Vick is cute. She also forgot that the game would be played in Philadelphia.  Sheesh. And even though Atlanta beat the Rams 47 to whatever it was, it was only the Rams, not a real contender.  Come on, people, they weren't.

The good news, the Eagles' Donovan McNabb is from Chicago. 

She predicted that the AFC Championship would be more exciting than the actual Super Bowl. Because, let's face it, the Super Bowl has been pretty anti-climactic over the years.  Wrongo.

For crying out loud, both championships were over before halftime. ZZZZZZZZ.

But, in her favor, a check of most of today's professional prognosticators reveals that most of them were batting .500 at best.  Except that nun who called both games. So Mrs. Linklater doesn't feel that bad. 

Oh yes she does. 



greyhoundloner03 said...

Dang, did I miss the Superbowl??  

*michael vick it totally hot. (cute little butt in those tight britches) too.

robbush6 said...

O, for today. But YESTERDAY morning, you were on a roll. And without prognosticators, where would all the finger pointers be, just dying to say, "I told you so?"

How do you feel about the NHL?

jevanslink said...

The NHL?  You mean the National Hoodlum League? The lockout is the best thing that happened to that sorry group as far as I'm concerned.  Mrs. L

bosoxblue6993w said...

eez!  I hope you weren't betting money on any of these?  As for Pittsburgh in the Superbowl?  Don't wait under water, Mrs L.

belfastcowboy75 said...

We Massachusetts people are feeling a bit greedy. Last year's Super Bowl, the World Series, now favored to win another Super Bowl...maybe it's time--naaah.

belfastcowboy75 said...

I had forgotten I'd made this prediction here in your journal:

You ARE sexy when you prognosticate, Mrs. L. Can the Pats turn it around against Pittsburgh? Belichek vs. Cowher? Look fo the Pats over the Eagles in the superbowl.
Comment from belfastcowboy75 - 1/17/05 12:34 PM

Call it prescient. Call it the Y chromosome. But call it correct.

jevanslink said...

Oh thank you for bringing that up.  I like my CROW en croute, please.  Mrs. L

robbush6 said...

Crow in crouette? HAH! I may have a recipe for that. I also have a New England Patriot's chip bowl. What does THAT make me. (Yes, a suffering Rams fan.)

musenla said...

The embarrassment is greatly tempred when all prognosticators get equally beat by a nun!

I don't know much about football [except for the Janet Jackson brouhaha last year] so may the best team win and no more wardrobe malfunctions!