Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Rain Rain Don't Go Away

This morning I didn't wake up to jackhammers at 7:00 AM.  Yes, construction companies have permission to make noise from 7 AM to 7 PM during the week.  I checked.  The silence woke me up.  Haaaaa.  I looked out the window to see if the earth had opened up and swallowed their machines.  Nope.  It was raining.

In my favor, the workers are usually gone by 5:30 PM, although sometimes they stand around and chat. Nice hole you dug, Al. Couldn'ta done it better myself. Think we ought to fill it up one a these days? Nah. They won't notice. 

I did watch a young twenty something guy light up a cigarette and proceed to stare at my neighbors' two little girls as they rode their bikes up and down the sidewalk. It wasn't one of those idle looks; it was long and hard.  Nothing else seemed to divert his attention for a long time. He couldn't see me, but I was getting a bad feeling about the way he sat on the trunk of his car and watched them, even turning his head to follow them down the block. I also noticed that when another guy came towards him, he would look in a different direction quickly or start brushing something off his clothes. But when he was left alone, he'd watch those girls. Creepy.

The only good news is that he hasn't been back and it's been cold enough to keep the girls indoors. If he shows up again and starts in with the staring, I'll call my neighbors. Get out my long lens and take his picture, too.

Or, I could pull a Mrs. Linklater.

I could come walking out of my house as the girls ride down up and down the sidewalk. I could saunter down my driveway, okay, hobble, and make a beeline for him. At first he would think I'm getting in my car, but I would pass up my car and cross the street to where he's standing. He'd look behind himself to see if there was somebody else I might be walking toward. The expression on my face would say, "No, asshead, I'm coming to YOU."  He would drop his cigarette and put it out with his boot. I would stop about five feet away from him. Then I'd do a Robert DiNiro move from the first Fokkers movie -- point two fingers at my eyes and then turn those two fingers toward him, with a look on my face that says, "Yo, pervert boy, I'm watching you."

Haaaaaaaa. It would be worth it.

Anyway, the other good news is getting a day off from the construction noise because of the rain.  My house is pretty quiet, but jackhammers can wake the dead. I'm also not a big fan of rain unless I'm in a cabin with a fire in the fireplace and something warm to cuddle up to, like say, a dog. But if the rain keeps the water, sewer, dry wall, brick and gas pipe guys away, I'm loving it.


eilenbug said...

Way to GO girl!!
Keep up the good work!

stupidsheetguy said...

Way to keep 'im in line. I'm actually surprised that they show up more than once a week. The construction crews around here sure don't.

Enjoy the silence!

screaminremo303 said...

I find a laser pointer makes for good fun. It probably wouldn't have the same effect in Chicago as it does in AZ. Enjoy the rain. It's better than snow, right?

ksquester said...

More people should be like you. I have NO doubt that you would do this. You go girl!!!    Anne

ber144 said...

We're being constantly treated to the sounds of the tri-state construction. Never thought I'd be wishing for rain so much.