Friday, April 13, 2007

Here Comes Da Bride

Today begins three days of wedding stuff. Rehearsal dinner tonight. Wedding tomorrow. Brunch on Sunday. One of my brothers is being nuptialed. We're typical mild-mannered WASPS. They're second generation German-Americans who like to sing and dance and drink. I smell vomit in the men's room.

There will be a videographer so I expect you'll see me on YOUTUBE soon.

A couple of the nieces will be flower girls. One of theirs. One of ours. I hear my niece, who's three, has been practicing her moves, walking with a basket of flower petals and tossing them left and right until she thinks she's got it right. Both of her parents are attorneys. Is this practicing until it's perfect thing a good sign?

Here's a bad sign. The rehearsal dinner starts at 6:00. The rehearsal starts at 4:00. Two hours to rehearse? Or does this just mean extra time for imbibing? I think it's the latter. I'm so not into alcohol infused conversations.

I'm just hoping for some free food and a chair to sit in. And I hope the bride's father, a recent widower, doesn't get so drunk that I look like date bait. He kissed me on the lips at Christmastime [PTUI] because I gave hiim a bunch of Bears' shit -- a shotglass, one of those magnetic logos for the side of your car and a window flag. He drives a Cadillac, so he decided to put the magnetic thing on his basement bar. Next to the velvet painting of Elvis I bet.  I'm nothing if not the thoughtful giftgiver. And such a respectful sister in law of his daughter.

Wake me when it's over.


onmiownnow2 said...

LOL, Mrs. L.  Great visuals!  As usual.

mombzbe said...

If he's really drunk, when he gives you the date-bait eye, sway a little.  He'll have to aim at the one in the middle.

It's okay to smell vomit in the men's room.  At least that way, it's not on your shoes.

screaminremo303 said...

What's a little tongue between family? I think the tradition started in Kentucky, where they raffle off the bride to the highest bidder, usually the cousin with a job.

swibirun said...

Who plans their rehearsal and rehearsal dinner on a Friday the 13th?  Jayson, Freddie Kruger, and Michael Myers?

Have a great weekend!

jevanslink said...

Friday the 13th was the bride's birthday too.

Mrs. L

salemslot9 said...

my step-father's birthday was
Friday. April 13th
and I know someone who wishes
that her birthday
was on that day :)