Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Gee, I Wonder What Happened to Lisa Stebic?

Apropos of the previous entry. . .

I gotta give the cops credit for not leaping to conclusions. A couple is going through a divorce and the wife disappears. But the police pretend she may have been abducted. Neighbors go through the motions by putting up fliers. TV cameras let hubby pretend he is tearful.

Lisa Stebic, 37, left home to go work out, according to her husband. And she hasn't been back. Of course, there's no indication that she actually left. Her car is still in the driveway. Her credit cards haven't been used.

Did I mention that Mr. and Mrs. Stebic are getting divorced? I did? Well, it's worth repeating. Also, Lisa called a battered women's group for help a week before she disappeared. And Mr. Crocodile Tears Stebic was very cooperative until the cops asked him to take a lie detector test.

And how about the kids? Hubby sent them to town to get something on their bikes. When they got back an hour later, Mom was gone. Hubby floated one story about how she might have left in someone's car, implying there might be an affair. But no hot emails on her computer. 

Time to tear the house apart.

See what happens when you leave your little boy with wolves when he's only two? 


screaminremo303 said...

The Cops won't call him a "suspect" because it changes the dynamics of questioning and brings about problems with voluntariness. By the time you hear them call him a suspect, he's toast.

I like the "jogging partner" diversion. It's a new wrinkle and shows Hubby has been doing his research. I'd bet a Big Mac that the Cops are already digging into whether she was the one who posted the ad or whether someone else posted it for her.

See "red Herring..."

rgossett4195 said...

The secretary at my husband's work is a neighbor of this family.  I hope to God that they find this woman.  But common sense does say that this guy did something bad to her.  rose

psychfun said...

Now more recent he is getting an emergency court order for the kids...ah ha! I bet it is him too!

misbaby18 said...

I think it was the husband too. I think he killed her, adn then drove his car to a forest and dumped her body deep in the woods. I pray to God this is not true and that she finds her way home.

brach527 said...

If you note the counter on the families find lisa web site you can't help but notice the date of the counterat the bottom of the page, May the 1st. Even though the web site wasn't up and running until May the 3rd. It looks as though the family had the web site done and the counter in place within hours of her being  reported missing. That is alot of time and effort to go through for someone not yet missing for a full day yet. Seems as though the family knew she wasn't coming home any time soon.