Monday, October 1, 2007

Not Again

When I leave the house I leave lights and a TV on. When I'm in the house I leave lights and a TV on.

Today the doorbell rang at 9:00 AM. I was not expecting anyone so I didn't answer the door. I was also not dressed. After ringing and knocking and ringing and knocking very persistently, whoever it was got in their car and drove away.

Even though I keep the lights and TV on you can't really tell during the day. The only indication that I might be home is that my car was in the driveway. That doesn't mean much either because I could be on a trip.

Three hours later there was another doorbell ring and another knock at the door. I ignored it again.

About half an hour later I got a phone call from the police. I was talking to someone else so they had to leave a message. They said a contractor I supposedly had an appointment with had come to my door twice but got no answer. He became WORRIED ABOUT MY WELFARE and contacted the cops.  Based on what?! That no one answered the door?

Keep in mind that I have never met this contractor in person. We've only talked on the phone. He has no idea how old I am or what I look like. Or anything about me.

And yet, for some reason, because I didn't answer the door when he wanted me to, he felt compelled to contact the cops.  Anyone else would have left. Or tried to call me on the phone.  The guy has my number and never bothered. And did I mention that I had no appointment scheduled with this guy?  In fact I was only home because of a fluke anyway.

Holy crapola. I told the cops several times that I did NOT have an appointment with this contractor -- in fact, after my conversation with him last week, he was waiting for me to mail him a deposit and a signed contract so they could start work.

The cops can't seem to understand why I won't answer the door.  How many times do I have tell them I'm usually busy working, I am often not dressed and why bother if I'm not expecting anyone.

Then the police department informs me that an officer had already been dispatched to my home for a YET ANOTHER F-BOMB WELLNESS CHECK. I couldn't believe it. They didn't even give me a chance to return their call to my house. Hey, I was on the phone when your call came through. As soon as I checked the message I called you right back.

Too late. The cop wanted to know if I would answer the door for the officer. This got me worried, since they entered my house through an unlocked door last time. So I got up from the computer wearing only a hoody to make sure all my doors were bolted shut. Then I screamed into the phone -- NO!! Can't you people leave me the, uh, HECK alone?!!!  I said heck.

Cripes. This is insane.

UPDATE: They managed to call off the dogs. I saw a patrol car drive past my house without stopping. And a memo went out to  remind the "staff" to give me some time to call them back. Also no one is to ever enter my home unless there is a clear sign of an emergency.

I had a talk with the commander later. The very same commander from the last time. I've decided that he's got a lot of snappy patter and a boatload of B.S.  He claimed that they had put a number of MY suggested new procedures in place.

But somehow they didn't bother to ask the contractor if he had tried to call me -- perhaps to reschedule the alleged appointment he had. The cops managed to call me this time, unlike last time, but then they didn't give me time to call them back.


salemslot9 said...

cops sound like they're promoting
answer your door day (week, month, whatever)
I'm a very private person, too
and wouldn't like them
being so intrusive :(

screaminremo303 said...

You would think your address would have been flagged with a BOLO that screams "She's not dead yet" or something like that. At least they called this time. They might have come inside again and caught you oiling your bike chain.

ksquester said...

I had a friend who did not answer the door and they thought she wasn't home, so they broke in the house.  I gently suggest to get a doormat that says GO AWAY.....and YES, they make them. Or perhaps, flicker your lights to let them know you are home.  This is insane that they keep doing this.   Anne

dafyddhevans said...

Fuck them.

A call from your civil rights attorney in Washington with some pointed questions might get those folks to read the fucking memo.  The heady days of Mr Cheny's unique form of neo-fascism are coming to an end.  Habeas corpus will no longer be an NSA watch-word.  And 1983 will mean more than just the year the Chicago and North Western Railway won a bidding war against the Soo Line for control of the former Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific Railroad "Spine Line."  They should be doing a lot more than just try to suck your ass.

I would also call the contractor and rip him a new one.  After all, you are paying him.  Maybe he'd give you a discount.

robingrg2 said...

I agree with #4.  That contractor needs to be called.  Maybe one of your nosy neighbors saw him and told him that you were an old woman living alone and he should call the police.  Wouldn't surprise me one bit.

Robin in Texas

jevanslink said...

I talked to the contactor. Contrary to what I thought, he could tell that my TV was on. He just thought he'd stop by since he was in the area. We didn't have an appointment. That should have been made clear to the cops. He said my phone number got coffee on it. Personally I don't think he thought about calling me. He over reacted because he had an aunt who had fallen and spent a day and a half waiting for help.  

Mrs. L

elleme2 said...

When I fell and broke my hip last year, it was four days before I was able to attract attention and get help.  Four days without access to food, water, phone or anything else, literally inching my way around the floor in pain and fear that I would never be found.  Because of that experience, your contractor's reaction seems perfectly reasonable to me.  I wish someone had called the cops on me.  Is it possible that you overreacted?

jevanslink said...

Let's see -- if every stranger who came to your house decided to call the cops because you didn't answer the door when they rang the bell, it could get annoying.

If anyone has overreacted, it's the cops.

I have clients, friends, and co-workers I talk to everyday. I have places to be and deadlines to meet. If something happens to me, my friends family and coworkers will figure it out.

I don't need strangers sticking their damn noses into my life.  Or the police.

Mrs. L

rgossett4195 said...

Good grief!  it would be different if you were 100 and in a wheelchair!  rose

suzypwr said...

I answer neither my door nor my phone unless I feel like it. I agree with you.


jayveerhapsody said...

Sounds like one HELLUVA spooky contractor! Could he possibly be from Texas?