Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Royal Bank of Scotland Spot Makes Me Gag

The Royal Bank of Scotland has an ad campaign that goes after other banks that are all talk, but no action. I have no problem with the concept. I have no problem with using exaggeration to make the point either, since it is often entertaining.

But I do have a problem when the premise of the commercial involves certain bodily functions.

In the one RBS spot which I find nauseating, literally, a group of associates is sitting around a lunch table when one of them begins to choke on his food. He proceeds to make horrid gagging sounds and exhibit all the signs of a person who is about to throw up, not to mention choke to death, while everyone else sits around and discusses what he's going through and how to solve his problem.

Luckily for the choking person, someone from another table rushes over and performs the Heimlich Maneuver to save the guy's life. As if to make sure we know he was choking, the dislodged morsel of food is propelled past two of the all talk/no action diners who recoil from it as it flies by. Nice touch.

Unfortunately for me, I'm one of those people who will start yawning when other people are yawning. Same with gagging. If you should suddenly start gagging, I will find myself doing that, too. And if you show any signs of throwing up, I have to get out of Dodge.

As if to heighten my gag reflex, the RBS folks chose to purchase media for this commercial during mealtimes. So I often have food in my mouth when it comes on. Today for instance.

Naturally, to protect myself from an unfortunate upchuck, when the first onscreen gag erupts, I immediately change the station or I could end up with a major heave-ho.

Today, I discovered to my horror that this particular RBS spot is running simultaneously on several stations. So I couldn't just change the channel and escape. Because every time I hit the remote the choking guy was still gagging in another place.

As a result, I needed extra effort to insure that the spoonful of peach Activia I had just swallowed would not erupt. Finally I just turned the TV off until the danger passed.

But my puke moment was not over. Within minutes of turning the set back on a Pepto Bismal spot came on. 

The one where they sing about diarrhea.


salemslot9 said...

yes, I've watched tv while eating
knowing something could come on
that might spoil the meal...
touch wood

swibirun said...

This entry had me all choked up.  

That pepto spot is so bad I just would LOVE to see the ideas that marketing firm actually rejected before settling on that one.

mombzbe said...

With all manner of things that can come spewing out the kid's mouths at any time, my tolerance is pretty high.

Unless it's a wiggly tooth--then I have to sit down.

gaboatman said...

Mrs. L
I share the same type of reflex reaction to these type of scenes as you do.  If I hear or see someone gagging, I go into the same type of convulsions.  I was wondering if these horrible commercials were affecting anyone else in this manner.  Gald to know I'm not alone.  Now, how do we get them off our TV's?  

psychfun said...

I agree...if they get tons of money for these crappy commercials dang I'm going into advertising then!

thisismary said...

The sight of half chewed food hurtling through the air made me laugh.  But then ...  well, a daily dose of far worse has me immune.

The commercial that makes me want to yak is the one with the simpleton that announces "I'm a size 4! Again! Tee-Hee!  I bet that she is 4 foot tall.  Not that there is anything wrong with being 4 foot tall.

jennythekey said...

You crack me up!!!