Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Mike Rowe of Dirty Jobs v. the Other Mike Rowe

UPDATE: I changed the headline on this entry because it was getting too many hits. And now back to our previously written rant:

Why don't people just do a teeny tiny bit of research before forwarding rumors they find on the internet?

I have mentioned before that I think Mike Rowe of Dirty Jobs should be considered for People Mag's Sexiest Man Alive. Sexiest Heterosexual Man Alive while we're at it. Not that Sexiest Homosexual Man Alive wouldn't be a perfectly acceptable alternative, if I were a guy, but I'm not. [UPDATE: He has since been included in the most recent annual issue -- even though the picture is teeny tiny.]

For some reason, there is a rumor on the internet that Mike Rowe of Dirty Jobs on the Discovery Channel is gay. Someone even commented that he was gay in an entry I wrote several months ago about my crush on the guy.

This person derided my obsession, which I share with many women. Didn't I know he was gay? Didn't I realize he was unmarried and 46, lives in San Francisco, and always talks about his mother? Naturally, since I'm old enough to be his mother, I found this encouraging. If I were younger and had other designs on the guy, perhaps not so much. 

Meanwhile, I told that particular misinformed commenter that I felt there was no way Mike Rowe of Dirty Jobs would be shilling for Ford Trucks if they had any inkling he was a homosexual. Those extremely homophobic trucker types, especially the ones in marketing, would probably have a heart attack. Besides, when you are hanging around advertising/TV talent, you learn who's gay way before the rest of the world has a clue. That's because the guys on the video crews know everything and they don't keep secrets.   

The world's dirtiest guy cleans up pretty good, too. Did you know he can sing opera? Yep. Mike Rowe, the guy who is to jeans what Marilyn Monroe was to white panties, can bring it. YouTube even has him singing the national anthem at a ballgame. Not gay. 

Just for grins, I Googled "Mike Rowe Gay" to see what came up.  And what came up on the second page was a website about a writer in Canada named Mike Rowe who IS gay. 

But that Mike Rowe is NOT the Mike Rowe of Dirty Jobs. He's a different Mike Rowe.

You can check out the gay Mike Rowe here if you're interested [I'm here to help]:

So shut up about Mike Rowe of Dirty Jobs being gay. At least until he tells us himself. And, frankly, even then, it won't matter. 


suzypwr said...

Even if he is, who cares? Unless you are in bed with him and nothing happens, it really doesn't matter. Your fantasies can continue unabated :P


screaminremo303 said...

"Dirty Mike" is about as Man as they get. He's so damn cool I'd probably even nail him.

sieblonde said...

He is a doll, isn't he.   ~Sie

mombzbe said...

He'd be my screensaver were it that I could control myself and not lick the screen.

There is NO way he's gay.  
I'd like to say I know this from personal experience, but....

jevanslink said...

NOTE TO SUZYPWR:  Actually in show biz, being outed as gay when your whole career is predicated on being hetero can destroy your livelihood -- so rumors can be devastating.

Nrs, L

jayveerhapsody said...

My, God - I've dated both of them. Long before they were famous, of course.
.........or was that Mike Blowe???               Jon (should a big smile be inserted here?)

swibirun said...

I never really thought about it either way, his sexual preference.  I just think he's entertaining and has a great narrarator voice.  I've never heard the rumor either or if I did, I just let it go in one ear and out the other, cause that's what I do with most rumors.

Have a great weekend!

jlester961 said...

If he's gay - sign me up, I'll be gay for him (well, I'd have to have the sex change operation first, but anything for the cause)! Otherwise I'll just sigh and stare like everyone else....

dslapczynski said...

Nowadays anyone famous, past or present, is labeled homosexual by someone on the internet. It's the net's favorite pastime.


dykephiler said...

If you look at Mike Rowes profile under the trivia about him it stats (august 2007) living in san francisco, with long time GIRL FRIEND. I would assume that would put it to rest, that he isn't gay. NOT every man in SF is gay most of them not all of them. Hope that helps check the link go all the way to the bottom and check out where they are now section! Thanks ladies.

billsfriend40504 said...

Dude. He is gay. He is and has been dating my friends cousin (who is a male model) for several years.

Mrs. L said...

Dear Bill's Friend: thank goodness you stopped by with irrefutable proof that there's someone who knows someone who dated someone who once saw Mike Rowe on TV. So YOU KNOW he's gay. It's about time someone with an inside scoop set us straight. As it were.