Monday, January 21, 2008

Yep, January Sucks

Statistically, January sucks for marriages and old people. They announced as much on tv so it must be true. I can attest to some of that, since I recall asking for my divorce in January many years ago. Apparently, people get through the holidays and either die/get hurt/need surgery or ask for a get out of jail card.

My 86 year old aunt just fell and broke her hip and wrist. At least she's already sitting up after surgery on Friday. My girlfriend's 85 year old mother, who still bowls, had to have a shot into her eye for a burst blood vessel last week. Another girlfriend's 90 year old mom just had surgery on her back. Of course, she's already asking when she can resume her cycling and badminton. The bad news is they all got hurt. The good news is they're already up and at 'em.

Somebody else I know just got his marriage put on notice. A little something that came out of left field. Maybe D-Day should be rescheduled for some time in January.

To top everything off, yesterday Brett Favre found out he won't be going to Arizona, so I can already chalk up this January as a total bust.

How's yours going?


screaminremo303 said...

January is a tough time for law enforcement as well. Lots of folks at their limit from the holidays. It happens. Sometimes a good dust-up is what it takes to clear the air. I know the weather around here is much better this week.

The Patriots and the Giants?  One more reason to avoid Glendale, Arizona in January. The other eleven months aren't so good either.

salemslot9 said...

kitty looks bored
feeling a bit fragile
could be worse
touch wood

swibirun said...

Hmmmm I'd say the suckage level for January is extremely high, but on average for the past 4 months.  All work-related, but still.....excessive amounts of suckage.


mosie1944 said...

How's mine going?  Two funerals in 10 days time.

mombzbe said...

Guess if Brett isn't coming, we can suffer with Tom.  S-u-f-f-e-r seeing his mug all over the local news....

We only have a little Jan. left.  We have a leap year, don't we?  Hope that means Feb is that much better.

blossomcat said...

January sucks even more in western PA.   It is cold, windy and lately it has freezing rain which leaves a few inches of ice on everything.The local borough has a great snow/ice removal plan..........they delay the start of school and then they don't have to treat the roads.     I am on a cul de sac and their answer is it isn't a "main road."     I find that explanation quite irksome since I do not get any tax discount for not being a priority.