Friday, March 21, 2008

Any Closer and He Would Have Bit Me On The Butt

I've been trying to locate a retired football coach to interview him for a video. For six months, I've been asking former players, current coaches, and parents who knew him back in the day to help me find him. Nobody had any idea where he was. Last fall, I saw him interviewed on TV at a big playoff game. The commentators mentioned that his niece and nephew went to one of the playoff schools, so I called the athletic department at the school. But they didn't know. I called a reporter I thought would know because he had graduated from that playoff school. But he didn't call me back. Asshole. Finally I talked to a woman who works for another coach. She said she thought the coach I was looking for taught adult classes at their high school and the people there might know.

They did know! They even gave me his phone number after I told them why I was looking for him.

Turns out, after all this time looking, he lives in my town.

On my street.


screaminremo303 said...

Maybe he can clear your stoop.

Dang, that sounds kinda vulgar.

I like it.

ber144 said...

Ooh, now which was funnier-your Full Monty reference in the last entry or Remo in his comment here?  Maybe you two can be the new Sonny and Cher (strictly platonic, of course)-can either of you sing?

I love stories of coincidence like this.  I've got a million of them.