Wednesday, March 19, 2008


I forgot that March 17th, besides being Drunkus Maximus Day, was also the fourth anniversary of this journal. 


I did hear a joke that I liked, which I will use to celebrate this auspicious occasion. 

What's Irish and stays out all winter?  Give up?  Huh? Huh?

Paddy O'Furniture.

It's almost as good as my all time favorite:

What's green and skates?  Peggy Phlegm.


suzypwr said...

Happy Anniversary - mine was about 2 weeks ago, and I didn't celebrate this year. I will have to make up for it when I hit 5 next year!


gaboatman said...

Happy Belated Anniversary!  I sure hope there are many, many more anniversaries for Mrs. Linklater's Guide to the Universe.  I don't always comment, but I'm addicted.  Just consider me one of your adoring fans.

screaminremo303 said...

"Paddy O'Furniture"

There is actually a store with that name here in Phx.

Congrats! Here's to many more...

ber144 said...

Peggy Phlegm?  You're on fire!  Who plugged you in?

Have you seen that Fed Ex commercial where everyone's first name describes who they are?

swibirun said...

Booooooooooooo :)

Trevor's favorite that he made up:

What kind of gun does Tony Montya (sp?) keep on his yacht?  

A thirty-yacht-six !

dafyddhevans said...

Congratulations, Mrs L!  I love your blog.  You're a great writer.  You've got a wodnerful sense of humor.  (I also sense an underlying bitterness that seems to resonate with me for some bizarre reason.)  It also allows me to know what's going on in your life without actually having to pick up the phone.

Seriously, thanks.  



redsneakz said...

What's green and destroyed Eastern Europe?